4 Effective Ways To Teach Your Baby To Talk

You wait eagerly for your baby’s first words. Though, they learn to talk at their own pace, you want to make sure you are doing everything to make sure your baby reaches this milestone on time. It has been observed that babies of talkative parents learn to talk faster than others.

Generally, babies start with cooing and babbling, and gradually they learn to say simple words like ‘mama’, ‘papa’. They pick up words from what they hear around them. They also learn by watching you speak – as in the way you open your mouth to say something or hearing your voice. They can hear your voice in-vitro, and are the most familiar with it.

Here Are A Few Simple Ways To Help Your Child Facilitate Their Speech Developmental Process.

1. Talk To Them Regularly:

This is very important for the speech development of babies. The more you communicate with them, the more they want to communicate back to you. They notice the movement of your lips when you talk slowly and try to pick up words and sounds. Talk to them when they are awake. Say simple words slowly so that they can watch the movement of your mouth. Repeat familiar words so that they begin to associate with them. Your voice is already known to the baby, so talk more so that it develops their listening skill, which in turn helps them to talk also.

2. Imitate Them:

Whenever your baby is saying something or even making sounds, try to respond. Make the conversation a two-way process, which makes your baby feel that you are interested and actually communicating with them. Imitate whatever your baby is doing like sounds or facial expressions to engage them in the conversation.

3. Smile And Pay Attention:

Smile at your baby, whenever they are making sounds or saying something. Try to figure out what they are trying to convey. This is very important whenever you are talking to children. Make them feel that you are also eager to get into the conversation and urge them to respond. When they see you smile, they also try to communicate in the same way.

4. Play/Sing While You Talk:

This is a fun way to teach them. Whenever your baby is saying a couple of words, try to play with those words or make up a quick song or rhyme to reinforce those words so that your baby practices those and tries to pick up more new words. When you say similar words, they will try and say those too, along with the ones they already know.

Do not fret about when your child will talk or why they aren’t talking. Each child will attain the milestones at a certain age depending on their growth. Employing these methods can help you to communicate effectively with your child and encourage them to speak that will in turn help them develop their linguistic ability.