5 Common Pregnancy Fears And How To Overcome Them

It is but natural to be anxious during pregnancy, especially if this is your first pregnancy. There are a few common pregnancy fears that most women feel or are made to feel but none of them are backed by evidence. Most of them are myths while some others catch up due to the surroundings in which the expectant mother is in. 5 of the commonest pregnancy fears are listed below and the ways to overcome them have also been mentioned:

1. Having Sex Will Hurt The Baby

Until and unless your doctor has specifically asked you to avoid having sex, there is no need to practice celibacy. The baby is well-protected in the amniotic sac1 and will not feel a thing. If you have a normal and uncomplicated pregnancy, you can have sex till the day you go into labor if you are comfortable doing it and there is no way it will hurt the baby.

2. Genetic Abnormalities

Many women, especially the ones who opt for late pregnancies, are riddled with anxiety about their babies. They are mostly surrounded by a number of people who would tell them how some distant relative had a baby with Down’s syndrome because the woman had conceived after 35. It is normal to feel apprehensive about genetic abnormalities but instead of losing sleep over this issue, try talking it out with your doctor who could suggest advanced tests to rule out fetal abnormalities.

3. A Miscarriage

It has been found that 1 out of 4 women have a miscarriage and this is quite common with first pregnancies. Miscarriages are body’s way of expelling a fetus that wouldn’t have grown well. It is highly feared by most pregnant women that they will experience a miscarriage in the first trimester and this leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. It is a good idea to know that you cannot really prevent a miscarriage. Instead, focusing on and taking care of the pregnancy is a much better thing to do.

4. You May Not Be Able To Breastfeed

You have small breasts, flat nipples, and are too inexperienced to successfully breastfeed when your baby arrives. The thought of it fills you with negativity. With some efforts and some concepts in place, there is no reason why you cannot breastfeed. Trust your bosy’d abilities to be able to nourish your baby.

5. Labor And Childbirth

As your due date approaches, you feel petrified of experiencing labor but the reality is the build-up of anxiety around it is what causes the real pain. Our bodies are capable of bearing and delivering a baby vaginally without any medical intervention. Practicing hypnobirthing techniques, keeping yourself updated to make informed choices and giving in to your body’s cues while you are birthing can help tremendously. Natural birth affirmations have also helped a lot of women. Remember to write them down in advance.

Reading books on pregnancy and parenting help a good deal to prepare you for this journey so that you are never riddled with unnecessary fears.


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