5 Effective Ways To Instill Good Manners In Your Child

Good manners are an asset for life. Well, all of us want to be perceived as well-behaved people, many of us tend to forget exhibiting the same as we grow older. This might be due to external circumstances or internal instability, but in certain situations we forget what is the right thing to do.

Adherence to good manners is one of the biggest virtues in life. And, instilling good manners in their children are one of the sole responsibilities of the parents. It is very important to teach your kids about good manners early in life so that have a strong foundation and grow up to be well-mannered individuals. Good manners can be nurtured in your child and they will follow it, if they see others doing the same too.

Here Are A Few Simple Yet Effective Ways To Teach Good Manners To Your Child:

Start Early:

It is important to start talking to your child about good manners and their importance at a young age. The sooner they start picking up these things, the better is the learning. Start with simple stories with morals, read to them about good manners and show them examples.

Teach Them Based On Different Situations:

You can teach them slowly based on certain situations like dining etiquettes in a restaurant, how to greet someone, how to welcome guests at home. Start with simple things so that they don’t get confused with so many instructions. Teach them words like ‘please’, ‘thank you’, etc. and tell them when to use them.

Walk The Talk:

Kids learn from what they see their parents doing. So, before you teach good manners to your child, you need to get them in place for yourself. Show good manners when you meet someone or when you are outside. Show them that you also follow what you tell them to do.

Correct Politely:

When your child does something wrong as in display a bad manner or behavior, do not scold them immediately in front of others. It can have a negative impact on their minds an they might turn aggressive. Rather, talk to them later about what they did wrong and why. Tell them how you do not want them to repeat the same thing in the future and what could be the implications in a friendly way. If they repeatedly do it, you might want to sit and have a firm discussion on this to make them understand.

Reward Good Behavior:

As you correct their wrong behavior, reward their best manners or behavior too. Incentives and appreciations are a great boost for children and they will show good manners if you praise them in front of others or say give them a candy if they did something good. Do not make it a habit though, even words of appreciation are good enough for them to keep up their good manners.

A well-behaved child is appreciated and applauded by everybody and he/she sets good examples for others as well. Good manners are required in every aspect of life- personal, educational, social and professional. Good manners, once learnt and practiced stays with your child forever and helps them to become a better individual ahead in life.  Good manners should be inculcated in such a way that it becomes a habit, which is difficult to change. And, your child will thank you for these valuable teachings, later in life.