5 Effective Ways To Make Your Child Do Their Homework

Getting your kids to do their homework is a tedious task. And, when you think it is your responsibility to get it done, then you tend to get more aggressive to get the job done. And, your kids also develop an aversion in doing their homework as they grow. That’s when the situation gets uncomfortable with all the arguing, nagging, pushing and struggling to make your kids do their homework.

Though, it is the story of every household, you can probably make things a bit easier for both of you, if you can get them to tackle daily homework by using some innovative methods  to get them move involved with their school work. Though, homework cannot be converted to ‘play’, but it can surely be made less boring or mundane.

Here Are 5 Effective Ways In Which You Can Make Homework Exciting For Your Kids:

Make A Study Routine:

Set a study routine for everyday – the exact time and duration, it occurs every day. Take inputs from your child, but once it is set, make sure it doesn’t change at their fancy or they make excuses to change it. Make it simple and predictable.

Involve Yourself:

Involve and engage yourself a bit in their studies, like helping them with their homework. However, do not overdo your involvement because your child will not learn to work on their own. Help them up to a point, but ensure they learn how to work independently.

Let Them Decide:

Sometimes, we tend to learn when we fail or from our mistakes. So, let them learn that way too. So, let them face the consequences once or twice for not doing their homework. They will eventually understand why they need to finish their homework in time.

Encourage In The Right Way:

A small reward is okay if they finish their homework on time or they do it on their own. But, rather than any monetary reward use words of appreciation. Praise them in front of others or show their examples. This way they feel nice for doing something good.

Teach Certain Skills:

Sometimes, your child might be having difficulty in doing homework or they don’t like it due to some other problems like lack of understanding of what is being taught, time management, etc. So, try to understand the real reason why your child is running away from their homework. If they are lacking a particular skill, then it is your responsibility to cultivate that in your child so that they are effectively using it while doing their homework.

In the beginning your child will try to ignore or resist your efforts, but with your persistence and guidance, they will eventually give in. The more you try to control them by scolding or beating, the more stubborn they become. So, take it easy and let go once in a while. Gradually, they will understand and get into the right habit of doing their homework on their own. Sometimes, a small reward or appreciation can also do wonders. But, do not make it into a habit, it might be difficult for you to uphold a constant stream of rewards.


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