5 Effective Ways To Talk To Your Child About Alcohol

As a parent, you will have to accept the fact that your child will grow up one day and become an adult. They will also start with things that we adults we do. While, they will learn good things, they also tend to pick up bad habits and that too at a faster pace. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to help them understand things better and prepare them for adulthood. Teach them about good and bad things from your experience and show them the right path to choose.

If you try to do this by force, it will end up in power struggles and your child might go the wrong way by hiding things from you. So, you need to be calm, patient and careful about how they transit from adolescence to adulthood. Gone are those days, when your strictness will teach your child. Rather, today you have to be a little more friendly when dealing with your child.

One sensitive thing  you need to teach your child is about drinking habits. It is better to start teaching  at home rather than waiting to retaliate when they have already gone wrong.

5 Effective Ways To Talk To Your Child About Alcohol Are As Follows:

Start At Home:

Do not wait till your kid turns up drunk to the house. Rather, talk to them in a friendly tone on what they think about drinking and whether they have already started. Also, ask them how his/her friends perceive drinking. Probably, you can be their first friend, with whom they can enjoy a drink at home.

Set The Rules:

Even if you are the one who introduces them to alcohol or talks freely about you, make sure that you are the one to set rules too. Once they know that they can drink responsibly, set your rules and guidelines to avoid any unwanted situation. Be strict on those and allow freedom till a certain limit only. Let them know that though you might be okay with drinking, but if the rules are broken, you can punish them too.

Show By Example:

You can start the conversation with some incident or a story so that they understand the real message. You can probably with your personal story as well. You also need to keep your drinking habit under control because they will try to follow what you do. So, walk the talk and let them understand both the good and bad sides.

Answer Queries:

Don’s shy away or ignore their queries. Explain things in details and be willing to answer their queries. If something is unanswered, they might just perceive something totally wrong.

Let Them Decide:

Empower them to take decisions. Rather than stopping them every time, let them be responsible for themselves. Give them a chance to prove that they can handle drinking responsibly. Appreciate their good gestures, and correct them when they go wrong.

Sometimes, teenagers perceive drinking and smoking as a sign of freedom and adulthood. But, they need to understand that excessive of anything is not good and self-control is very important. So, you need to guide them about these aspects well in time so that they can take a responsible decision when the time comes.