5 Essential Beauty Products That You Must Have While You Are Pregnant

It is true that pregnancy comes along with surprising beauty benefits that can help you flaunt a glowing skin and a head full of thick and lustrous hair. For the rest of your body, you will need a few extras that are easy to find and quite within your reach. These beauty essentials cater to your beauty within and without and keep you looking gorgeous throughout your pregnancy. Remember to get them checked in as soon as you get the good news!

1. Shea Butter

For those itchy, bumpy, pinkish streaks that suddenly appear from nowhere as your second trimester settles in and your belly starts growing by leaps and bounds, you probably need more than an oatmeal paste. These annoyingly itchy stretch marks1 can be permanent if you don’t moisturise them well in advance and Shea butter helps prevent drying of skin, thus reducing both the itchiness and the chances of permanent marks even after you deliver. Get a hypoallergenic product so that your sensitive skin is not irritated any further. A big tub of this will come in handy even after you deliver.

2. Massage Oils

Whether you want to luxuriate in a warm bath or stand under a warm shower at the end of the day, a good back rub and a body massage would do wonders to relieve you of nagging backaches and leg cramps that are inevitable parts of pregnancy. Unscented massage oils that are light and not too greasy can help hydrate the skin and also aid in a good massage. You could ask your husband to help you out or could also hire a professional masseur to do the deed. Always remember to do a patch test before trying any new product.

3. Coconut Oil

You must have heard your mom telling you that there is nothing that coconut oil and breast milk cannot heal. Well, it’s true! Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is an excellent beauty product and one of the safest that you could use in pregnancy. Whether you need to take care of your dry skin or hydrate your drying scalp, coconut oil will be at your beck and call. It is the most natural form of beauty treatment that you could expose your skin to.

4. Make-up Products

At the end of the day, you will need a highlighter, a lip gloss, a contouring stick and a blusher among other things. Whichever product you choose to buy, test it on your forearm before using and always buy brands that have the term ‘hypoallergenic’ printed on their list of ingredients. Highlighting and contouring can come in handy when your cheekbones seem to have disappeared behind your new-found chubbiness and your nose seems to be ever so bulging. A bright lip crayon can brighten up your day no matter how dull you might be feeling while going to work.

5. Brightening Serum

This revolutionary product is highly needed in case if your skin sufferes from pregnancy pigmentation. This serum is supposed to be used at night to achieve a bright, clarified and spot-free skin all through pregnancy.


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