5 Fun Ways To Teach Your Child About Healthy Food Choice


Mothers are always concerned about the eating habits of their children. Either, they feel that their fussy eaters are not eating proper food, which are required for their growth and development, or they are eating unhealthier and junk food, which hinders their growth and puts them at a risk of various diseases. A healthy diet is very important for a growing child so that he/she gets all the healthy nutrition.

Most of the kids develop an aversion for fruits and vegetables, which are the most important source of vitamins, iron, calcium, and important nutrients, necessary for the body. There are kids, who don’t like the fish or meat, but they are rich in protein, fat and carbohydrates, which are important for growth. So, they need a balanced proportion of healthy diet for their growth and development. Take a look at these 5 fun ways to teach your child to make a healthy food choice.

Apps Can Do Wonders:

Technology is a miracle worker, so use it to your advantage. Use apps or online games to make your child eat healthy food. These apps are designed to entice kids into eating healthy food and talk about nutrition. Cartoon characters, which are your kids favorite will appear in adventure games or quests and stress upon the importance of healthy food. Online puzzles, drawing, etc, can also be used for the purpose.

You Can Get Creative:

You can try out innovative ways by creating cartoons, or animal faces with food. You can use these to create a story or your child’s favorite nursery rhyme, etc. You can use more of green vegetables and fruits to make food fun and exciting. You will be able to find a lot of these creative ideas on the Internet.

Use Books And Stories:

You can also use books or story books with pictures of fruits and vegetables to teach them about the importance of these healthy things. These books have important lessons on food and why are they important through stories, funny incidents and much more.

Slow Down Eating Pace:

Do not force them to eat or finish the entire thing at that same time. Give smaller portions of food and slow down the pace of giving food to your child. Let them finish the entire bite before giving the next one. In the meanwhile, you can tell them a story or a rhyme to keep their mind off the food and they will never know when they have finished it.

Games With Foods:

You can also play some games, while feeding your child. Like you can hide some toy along with some healthy food or give them something as a reward for eating their veggies.

Sometimes, it gets very difficult to make children eat the right food. So, we need to get innovative with food to make them eat it. Gradually, they will start liking the healthy food and choose them more often over junk, unhealthy food. It is better to try different things with food rather than forcing your child to have them, when they are not willing. Healthy food choice for your child is one of your biggest responsibilities and you will surely find a way to implement it with the above tips and tricks.