5 Important Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling With A Toddler

Travelling with a toddler can be a tedious task. Right from the time a trip is planned, you start imagining how it would be to travel with your toddler. From packing, to the actual trip to travelling back, each detail has to be meticulously planned. If not, the whole point of the trip gets lost in worry!

Travelling with a toddler means extra packaging, being extra cautious and paying extra attention to minute details. Toddlers are very mobile and extremely curious about their surroundings, never lose sight of them when you are out in a public place.

1. Travel Light:

When you are travelling with kids, do not over pack. Keep your hand carry as light as possible. Travelling light also helps because you might have to carry your baby when they are tired or sleeping. If your baby is okay with it, take your stroller along.

2. Pack Essentials:

When you are travelling with kids, do not forget to pack essentials like favourite toys, hats (during summers), or their medicines, etc. You might also want to carry their favourite cookies or some munchies because they might not like the food available, and might revert to the familiar.

3. Opt For Aisle Seat:

If you are travelling by air, opt for the aisle seat because you might have to take your toddler to the bathroom frequently, or they might want to move around a bit, as they get tired of sitting in one place. Keep necessary things like water, food, etc., handy, either with you or in the cabin luggage so that they are easily accessible to you.

4. Ease Their Ear Pain:

Ear pain is a major problem, when you are travelling with kids. Ask the doctor about precautions. Use cotton or let them eat or drink something, during take-off and landing. Take help from air hostesses, whenever required or you can also opt for baby care needs.

5. Be Alert:

Whether you are travelling alone or with family, you need to be extra cautious, if you have a toddler around. Make sure you hold their hand all the time or put them in the stroller at busy places like the airport or while sight-seeing or city markets. You always need to be alert to prevent any mishaps.

If you are travelling by car, make sure you have a car seat because it will be difficult for you to keep them on your lap. A comfortable car seat is important, where they can sit and play, and even doze off to sleep. Keep them engaged with their favourite toys or games, or even music. Be extra alert about locking car doors and windows, or leaving them unattended.

Most importantly, do not stress too much that you miss having fun. If you are travelling with family, get hem to help oiut with managing you baby so you have some time to take in the sights.