5 Important Things To Remember For The Dental Care Of Your Child

As a mother, you have to pay attention to everything pertaining to the health and wellness of your child. One of the things is needs special attention right from their childhood is proper dental care of your child.  Taking good care of teeth is an important thing throughout our entire life. And, especially children, need proper care because they are still in heir growing and developmental stage, where they need strong teeth and proper oral health too. Bad dental and oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay, cavity problem, bad breath and other problems later in life.

Basically, dental care starts from at childbirth itself. Babies are born with 20 primary teeth, of which some are fully developed in the jaw. Rest of the teething, generally starts later by six months of the baby’s birth. As infants, though their teeth are very delicate and they are mostly on breast milk, you might just need to clean their mouth mildly with a damp washcloth. But, as they start growing and start eating solids, dental care becomes important for hygiene purposes. Also, proper calcium-rich foods need to be given for strengthening of teeth and gums.

5 Important Things To Remember About Dental Care Of Your Child Are As Follows:

Set Up A Routine:

You need to start brushing your little one’s teeth by 1 year. You can use a baby brush or a finger brush with soft bristles to clean your baby’s teeth. Gradually, you can let them use the toothbrush on their own with a mild toothbrush. Initially, they might not be able to spit, but gradually they will learn if you show them everyday, make a habit of brushing twice daily and also washing their mouth after eating. Gradually, teach them about flossing.

Choose The Right Brush And Paste:

It is very important to choose the right kind of toothbrush and toothpaste for your child, A wrong brush can hurt your child’s tooth and that might be reluctant to brush. So, ask the doctor about what you should use. The hardness of the bristles is an important factor, and you should pay attention to that. Fluoride is essential for preventing cavity, but too much of it is harmful for kids at a young age as they tend to swallow it. So, check with the doctor what type of toothpaste you should get.

Right Diet To Enhance Dental Care:

Calcium helps in strengthening of teeth, so ensure that you are giving calcium-rich food to your child. Also, try to refrain your kids from eating too much of chocolates or chilling ice-cream or drinks, which can cause bad and damaging effects to their teeth.

Exhibit Good Habits Yourself:

Good habits can only be instilled in your child, if you also exhibit the same habits. So, put an example by brushing twice a day, cleaning mouth after you eat and other good dental habits.

Know When To Consult The Doctor:

You should never ignore dental problems. So, consult the doctor if your child is complaining of toothache or you notice swelling of gums or blood inside the mouth. These can be serious problems and need immediate medical attention.

Good dental care is very important from an early age, so that they do not face dental problems when they grow up. The most important thing is to put them into a good habit of regular brushing, washing mouth properly after eating anything and making them understand the importance of dental care. Toothaches can be painful, so make sure your child tells you about it and do not ignore any signs.