5 Important Tips For First Aid Precautions For Your Child

Kids are always so active that they also tend to get hurt more than anyone else. So, as a parent, you have to be prepared always with the basic first aid precautions. Your child can get hurt while playing at the park, or even at home. It can be bruises or cuts, burns, insect bites, external infections or anything. If you can give your child proper first aid, then a lot of the harmful after effects can be avoided. Once stabilized, then you can immediately take your child to the doctor for further medical attention.

You need to know what type of cuts needs, what type of first aid. Not all cuts and bruises need the same type of medical care, so it is important to know the right care. So, let us take a look at different types of injuries, and the type of first aid required for them.

Cuts And Bruises:

If the cut is bleeding, you immediately need to clean it with a clean cloth or better under cold running water. Then, pat it dry. If the skin is broken, then apply an antibiotic ointment like Neospirin. You also need to clean the area with an anti-septic solution. Them, put a water-proof band aid, or cotton and cover with a bandage. If the bleeding is unstoppable, put a clean cloth or wet cotton on it and rush to the doctor. Make sure you change the band aid regularly till the cut heals. If the cut is due to a sharp or rusted iron rod, etc., consult the doctor for any other preventive measure.


For any injury due to burns, immediately put the area under cold water, or put a wet towel till the pain subsides. Then, take your child to the doctor as soon as possible. Do not try to apply any ointment over fresh burns. Do not try to pop any blisters. For any major burns, rush your child to the doctor, without any delay.

Insect Bites:

Insect bites or stings can be very painful. In case, of such injuries, clean it under running water or give cold compress from time to time. Try to squeeze out the venom using a tweezer, but try to do it carefully. The next thing is to take your child for immediate medical help. You can apply calamine on the bite for a soothing effect, but of course after consulting with the doctor.

Nose Bleed:

To stop the bleeding, make your child sit upright, and do not let them tilt their head. Press the tip of their nose lightly, while they are leaning forward. Then, check the nose again if more blood is coming out. Then, place an ice pack till the bleeding stops. If the swelling or bleeding persists, take your child to the doctor for care and also get an X-ray done.

Glass Or Splinter:

First, clean the area around the splinter, then use a clean tweezer and take the out the splinter after rubbing with medical spirit. If you are unable to do so, and the area turns red and swells up, take your child to the doctor immediately, so that it can be taken out safely. If your kid steps on pieces of glass, take it out carefully, and clean the wound with a clean cloth and antiseptic solution.

A proper first aid kit in the house is very important for all the family members. You need to know what things need to be kept for emergency. Consult a doctor regarding this and you also need to update it from time to time because the wrong or expired medicine can do more harm. So, equip yourself with the right information about how to give first aid and keep your first aid box handy to ensure that your child gets the first care, and do not have to wait for it long.