5 Moral Story Books Your Child Should Know Read

Stories are a great way to unleash the imaginative side of your children, as well as teach them about good morals and values in life. And, if your kids are instilled with the importance of good values early in life, then it creates a positive impact in their lives and stays with them forever. Short stories with morals are a fun ways to learn about life lessons.

You need to use simple words and characters to teach about morals and good conduct, which is easy for your child to understand. Classic fables and folklores have been penned down in such a way that they are easy to influence a child’s innocent yet creative mind. So, reading out moral stories to your child, especially during bedtime is always a good thing for them.

There are various fables, which teach about different aspects of morals. So, let us look at 5 such stories, which makes certain life lessons easier for kids to learn and interpret.

The Hare And The Tortoise:

The story of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is known to all. And, this is surely an important lesson for life. We tend to become overconfident and lazy, when we know that we will succeed, especially this can be noticed in children. So, they need to know they need to keep improving their skills and not to under-estimate their opponents.

The Lion And The Mouse:

This story holds a special importance in today’s fast-paced life. When everybody is trying to make it big today, we should not forget the smaller acts of kindness in life and appreciate them whenever you can. So, the moral is that both big an small matter in life and we equally need both of them.

The Goose And The Golden Eggs:

This story is also important in today’s context. As the moral goes that ‘think before you act’, it is important for children to understand and appreciate the things that they have in life and do not become too greedy that they even lose that.

The Ant And The Grasshopper:

This story is all about saving for tough times and learning how to cope up with the experience of the past and insight of the future. This story teaches children to be prepared for any situation and take necessary precautions in the present to secure their lives for the future.

The Shepherd’s Call:

This is more like a life lesson, which teaches children how to deal with different people in life. This also helps them to understand the gravity of a situation and act accordingly. They need to learn to differentiate between good and false people or judge situation in the right way, and then act accordingly. This story also teaches them to stay away from foul plays and wrong doings in life.  

Stories with morals help children understand the world and rights and wrongs. It helps them develop their creativity and also helps them deal with their emotions more effectively. Above everything, these stories have fun elements, like animal characters, etc., which are exciting for kids, and takes them to a world of fantasy and fills their mind with happiness.