5 Must-Know Playground Rules Or Etiquette’s For Your Child

When your kids are young, after home and school, the playground is the a place, where they love to spend most of their time. As they grow, you no longer accompany them to the park or the playground and leave them on their own. The playground is a place for fun and games, friends and even strangers, so you need to teach your child about taking care of their safety along with playing.

You need to take necessary precautions for your child playing at the playground, even if you are not with them. You need to teach them about playground rules and etiquettes, so that they can enjoy their playtime as well as be safe. It is important for your child to know how to behave and interact with people in the playground. Some of the important guidelines for your child to follow at the playground are as follows:

Interacting With Other Kids:

Playground time is all about playing with other kids in the park. So, you need to teach your child about how to interact with them. They should learn to exhibit amicable behavior, not to snatch other’s toys, or push them around. They should be particularly careful of small children so that they do not hurt them while running. They should not pick up fights with other kids and refrain from any kind of abuse.

Interacting With Strangers:

Kids might also encounter strangers if they are going to a playground outside their community premises. They should be taught not to talk to strangers or accept anything from them. They should not touch or pick up anything lying around in the park.

Using The Playground Safely:

Kids should be careful, while using the swings, slides and other playing instruments in the park. They should not push others or do something that can hurt them. If anyone gets hurt, they should immediately inform someone elder, who is around. These should be used in a proper way so that they do not get damaged. They should let everybody have their turns and avoid arguments.

Ensuring Cleanliness:

Kids need to ensure that they do not litter or throw things here and there in the park. They should learn to throw things in waste bins, so that the environment of the park is clean and they should stop others also from throwing wrappers or other things anywhere in the park.

When To Raise An Alarm:

Kids need to inform you about anything unusual that happens in the park- if they pick up a fight or if someone bullies them. It is important so that you can intervene at the right time, before things go out of hand or are blown out of proportion.

It is important that you choose a safe and sound playground for your child. It is better to accompany him or her at times, so that you can judge the environment and its people. Accidents or other mishaps can happen at the playground, so you need to ensure that your kid knows the code of conduct and informs you if they notice anything un-usual. The playground is a fun place to be in, but these simple rules need to be kept in mind to make it a safer and happier place too.