5 Reasons Not To Judge The Parents Of A Naughty Kid

Being naughty is a part of growing up. It is a defining trait of being a child. However, some children are naughtier than others. When kids are young, they are naughty because probably, till then they do not know where the limit is. Hence, they also do not understand when they have surpassed it.

As they grow older, however, children tend to understand what they should and shouldn’t do, and aren’t usually any trouble. Moreover, studies and other responsibilities take up most of their time and they are left with none to ‘be naughty’. But, being mischievous isn’t all that bad, sometimes parents find bratty children endearing, exasperating yes, but endearing as well.

However, sometimes, when our kids do such things or we see other kids doing it, we tend to get angry or irritated. Sometimes, we blame the kid or their parents, either of which is not right. It is very important to know the right reason for the kid, being naughty, before coming to any conclusion or passing judgments.

Have you ever judged such parents based on such parameter? If yes, take a look at these 5 reasons, why you shouldn’t:

Parents And Kids Are Separate Individuals:

You have to understand that the child and the parent are two different individuals and will have different traits. So, it doesn’t mean that if the parents have not done anything mischievous thing in their childhood, the kids will also do the same. So, you need not judge the parents for their child’s every action. Sometimes, they might also not be aware of what their child might have done in their absence.

Child’s Personality Depends On Various Factors:

A child is like a blooming flower. Their minds are not as mature as adults. So, they are yet to understand what is right and what is not. So, they might become naughty unconsciously or without understanding the effect or impact. Hence, rather than judging the parents, we need to under the child’s temperament and what triggers this behavior in them.

One-Off Instances Is Not Good For Judgments:

You should not judge the parents based on a one-off incident, which you might have noticed. The parents might have done their best to control the child, and this is a time, when the child does something without the parent’s knowledge.

Parenting Principles:

It is not that parents of a naughty kid don’t want him/her to be well-behaved, but sometimes, getting aggressive with them can make the kid more arrogant or stubborn. So, parents have to handle the sensitive issue carefully. They might be doing their level best in managing the child or taking expert help like counselling for doing the same. There are parents, who feel that letting the child being a little naughty, till a certain extent, is a way to vent out their energy. This is very true, so you should not always stop a child from doing something, but you need to intervene when you feel that things are getting out of hand.

Current Frame Of Mind:

There can be a situation when the parents are not in the right frame of mind to stop a kid from being naughty or stopping the kid might lead to a worse situation of scolding or beating in front of others. So, the parents try to control till a certain limit and wait till the right time like when they go back home.

A naughty child doesn’t always grow up to be a troubled adult. There is no reason to judge the kid or their parents for the acts of naughtiness during the childhood days. Rather, we should concentrate on how to channelize their energy from a young age and help them use it effectively. However, if a child is being excessively naughty, which might be hurting or affecting others in a bad way, parents need to take an upper hand in grooming the child for proper conduct and behavior, and teach him/her the limits of naughtiness