5 Safety Tips To Remember When Taking Your Child To The Fair

Kids love to play outdoors, and most of the time you are not with them. So, it is very important for them to know about the safety norms when they are not with you. However, it does not mean that whenever they are with you in a crowded place or fair, they do not follow safety guidelines. It becomes more important to follow certain rules when they are visiting a fair or any crowded place.

As a parent, you need to be completely aware about your child’s whereabouts and tale safety measures, when you visit a crowded place. These places are apt for kids to get lost, or being lured, assaulted or abducted as predators target such crowded gatherings. So, you have to be extra cautious as these can be dangerous for your kids.

5 Safety Measures To Enforce When You Are Taking Your Kid To The Fair Should Be:

Tracking Methods:

You can use a tracking method, if you think your child might get separated from you. Some parents feel that a temporary, washable tattoo can be put on the child’s hand with name and contact numbers, so that if he/she gets lost, someone can call their parents. However, others feel that this might not be a good idea as predators can use this in the wrong way and they can call them, which they tends to fall prey to. So, they recommend a tracking device like a wrist band or something. So, whatever method, you choose, make sure you can use it in times of emergency.

Assess Rides:

Kids just love all the rides and fun at a fair. So, they probably want to get onto each one of them. However, there are safety guidelines and age limit for many rides, so strictly abide by them. You are the best judge of which rides are safe for your child and which are not, where they can go alone and where you should accompany them. Though, they might be pestering, but do not give in to their tantrums.

Stranger Safety:

You need to teach your child rules about talking and accepting things from strangers at the fair. These predators take advantage of the crowd, and excitement of people to lure or snatch your kids away. They know they can mix with the crowd and you might not be able to locate them. You also need to be aware that you do not leave your kids with someone else even for a minute.

Hand Holding:

You need to hold your child’s hand always in a crowded place. This is probably the best way to keep them safe. Talk to them, keep them involved in some talking so that you know they are with you an they are not bored.

Infant Care:

If you have an infant with you, always carry baby harness or carrier so that your baby is close to you and your hands are free for handling other things. If you are carrying your baby in a stroller, do not leave it unattended ay any time.

Fairs and amusement parks part a great place to have fun and it is always exciting to go there for family outings. There is a lot to do in a fair, but you also need to ensure that all excitement and fun has safety guidelines as rides can be dangerous, people might be stalking your child and any major accident can happen. It is not that you will not enjoy, but you need to be cautious about your family’s safety.