5 Simple Ways To Nurture Creativity In Your Child

In today’s fast-paced life, where we are surrounded by numbers, data, results and scores, we are gradually moving away from the finer moments of life. This is affecting not only us, but also our children. Studies have shown that American children are no longer as creative as they used to be. Though, there are new and advanced avenues to nurture creativity and imagination in today’s world, but they somehow lack the drive to invoke creativity from within, rather people just embrace them for the sake of it.

The minds of young children are pure and free from prejudices, so their imagination, creativity and outlook is very different from that of adults. And, if your child has ‘that’ creative instinct, then you should nurture and encourage their talent so that they can create a mark for themselves in a world, where everybody is running after figures.

5 Very Simple Ways To Nurture Your Child’s Creativity, Right From An Early Age Are As Follows:

Keep Their Options Open:

Let your child explore and do not restrict their thought process. If they have made something, ask them what they have done, rather than saying that you already know what it is. The more their minds explore, they more they learn to see things in a different light and come up with new innovative ideas.

Give Them Resources:

Give them resources to enhance their creativity. Depending the kind of creative knack they have, get them appropriate material. Do not worry, if they are a bit messy, because what they learn to create today through their mistakes and efforts might become their talent tomorrow. Let them use their creativity on different canvases, and they will gradually choose something that they like the best.

Engage Multiple Senses:

Encourage your child to use multiple senses, while they are doing something. This helps a lot in enhancing the creativity and imagination. For example, instead of simple colouring, you can help them to use hand paints. While you are making a collage, you can ask them to appreciate the crumpling noise of dry leaves and so on.

Encourage Re-Usability:

You should encourage your child to re-use old material along with new. This concept of re-usability makes it easier for them to appreciate things and also come up with new things, which is a boost for their creativity and imagination skills.

Stress On The Process, Than The Result:

Work with them in the process of creating something new. Stress on the process, rather than the end result. This is because the process is always learning, rather than reaching the end. You never know the process might take you to a different end, which might be more creative and beautiful than what you had planned for. If they enjoy the process, the consequences can never put their spirits down.

Creativity comes from within, and probably cannot be instilled from outside. But, as a parent, you need to nurture their creativity and help them bring it out, and do things that actually make them happy. The creative knack of your child can help them see life with a different perspective, which makes them happy as well has motivated them to ensure the well-being of others.