5 Simple Workout Tips At Home While Working

Women get stressed about their post delivery bodies as they feel it will be difficult for them to get back to their original figure and their body shape is ruined for life. They also feel so because they get busy with the responsibilities of motherhood and they are not able to spend time on themselves. However, this is not true. A mother also needs to work on her body along with taking care of their child, because physical health is equally important. They need to take care of themselves because during and after pregnancy their body has undergone a lot of changes. And, getting back to a fit, fine and healthy lifestyle is important to keep away different diseases like obesity, diabetes and other serious health conditions in the future.

There are different easy and simple workouts, which new moms can try at home, while working or taking care of the baby. These will help you to reduce belly fat or strengthen muscles. Since, these are less time consuming, you need not give extra time for these and do it along with work.

5 Simple Workout Tips For New Moms While Working At Home Are As Follows:

Workouts With Baby:

As a new mom, you always need to be with your baby. So, you can probably do some workouts with him/her. You can place the baby on the yoga mat or even on your belly while doing push ups or crunches. You will a lot more examples online on how you can do the workouts along with your baby. However, be cautious that you do not hurt the baby and you are also comfortable in doing so.

Pushing Against The Bar:

This is a simple thing that you can do while cooking or standing. You can push against the kitchen slap or the wall and stretch yourself or even bend backwards. This puts adequate pressure both on your tummy and your back. However, do not try to overdo it.

Chair Exercise:

Chairs dips while sitting and chair squats are good exercises for your tummy, back and thighs. They can be done when you are resting or working with your laptop. Chair dips are placing your back against the chair and putting pressure on your belly, and squats are done while sitting.

Stepping Block:

You can do this with a small stool, anywhere and everywhere. This is mostly about stepping on and off it, which helps to burn calories and also reduce fat and strengthen muscles.


This is probably the simplest of them all. You can walk while working at home or while putting your baby to sleep. Make sure you are walking within the house itself like getting the bottle of water or picking the clothes, etc. This also helps to keep your body and mind fresh and active.

You can do these simple workouts at home on a regular basis to reduce belly fat after pregnancy. Also, a healthy diet is important after pregnancy as well to stay healthy and ensure proper breastfeeding. Follow a diet and exercise regime, and you will lose your baby fat and get back to your old figure in no time.