5 Things To Teach Your Son About Dealing With Girls

Sons and daughters are equal for parents; they love them equally as a mother always wants the best for her child, the gender seldom matters. However, the stature of male and female is different in the society. The rules, their rights (although we boast about equality), their road maps are different, rather the society chooses to react differently to a male and a female. As a parent, it is our sole responsibility to ensure that their child grows up to be a rational individual, who respects other people for who they are and their deeds, and not their gender.

So, as a mother of  a son, you should teach him about respecting the opposite gender, and help him with ways to handle girls in a proper way. When your son respects girls and women, it is already a sign that he will become a good human being and honor all his relationships.

5 Things To Teach Your Son About Handling Girls Are As Follows:

Talk About Equal Rights:

Teach about equal rights of a man and a woman, and how they should respect and empathize with them. Let them know about their contribution to the society and how they also need to be marching alongside with men for individual, societal and national development at large.

Do Not Sound Like A Feminist:

While explaining things to your son, do not under mean men or start sounding like a feminist because you are a woman. Do not instil hatred about men or make them believe that development of woman means the downfall of men. Rather, tell them how both man and woman need to go hand in hand.

Talk To Them About Basic Etiquettes:

Teach your son about basic etiquettes while dealing with girls. They need to know how they cannot be touched inappropriately or how they cannot be referred to with certain words or phrases. They need to know how to behave with them both in the public place and in private.

Teach In A Scientific Way:

While explaining things to your son, use diagrams or biological figures to talk to them about body parts. Talk about internal and external organ and how they are different. Talk about sensitive things like sexuality, puberty and others. When you use scientific information, they will tend to understand better as everything has a reason and explanation.

Show Examples:

Try to use simple and clear examples to teach about things. Show them how woman have succeeded in life in tough situations or how their father treats their mom well and how it means a lot in a relationship. You can use similar examples to teach them what is right conduct and which is not.

Talking about certain things can be a bit embarrassing in the beginning, but in today’s world of transparency, it is better to have an honest discussion. You might also want to take help from your spouse or someone, with whom your son is close too. You can  take cues from the surroundings or from the family, which you can use as an example. Whichever way you choose to educate your son about a woman, make things simple, clear and sensible. Answer their questions and let them build their own opinion, progressively.