5 Things You Encounter When You Have An Only Child

As a parent, the upbringing of your child is the most important thing. You want to best of everything for your children. Many choose to have more than one child while others opt for having a single child. Well, the points of argument for having a single or more than one child are many and often debatable. Without going into that, we will look at a few things that parents of a single child encounter on a daily basis or at some point of time in their life.

Though, having a single child is the parent’s conscious decision, or sometimes driven by external circumstances. But, if you have already made up your mind, then you might also want to know a few things that you will experience as the parent of a single child. It might be a mix of good and bad things, but it will be a part and parcel of your life and you need to handle it effectively.

5 Things That Parents Of A Single Child Encounter Are:

Too Many Tantrums:

Since your child is the only one in the house, he/she may be pampered because you and others might find it difficult to say ‘no’. This might also lead to too many tantrums by your child. So, do not give the idea that since he/she is alone, they will get whatever they want. Handle this situation sensitively and properly.

Devoid Of Help:

Since, your child` does not have a sibling to play with or you will not get any help from an older sibling, so you need to devote all the time you have for the child. You and your husband have to share the responsibilities sensibly to ensure that your child does not feel bored. You might have less time for yourself as you need to attend to your child always.

Advice From Others:

You might be feeling guilty that you are not giving your child a sibling, and people tend to believe that this way the child becomes arrogant or insensitive. But, if you know that this is right for your child, you need to make sure that do not stress over what others are saying, and do things the right way. It is all about proper upbringing, which instills good traits in a child, and not the fact that he/she does not have a sibling.

Being On Your Toes:

If you have a single child, you alone have to take care of all the things. And, amidst all this, your motherhood stint might end too fast before you can realize. Your experience is only once, and you might miss it. However, you can also focus on the upbringing of your only child and do your best in that.

Child’s Behavioral Traits:

You can observe some behavioral traits in your child, which are different from children with siblings. Probably, they can turn out to be a perfectionist or independent, but they can also become arrogant and stubborn. As mentioned earlier, it is all about how you interact with your child since childhood. So, it is all in your hands, and you can surely do a good job.

If you have been a single child to your parents, you might understand this situation a bit better. However, if you have grown up with siblings or in a joint family, you might understand the pain points of having a single child. But, if you have already decided to raise a single child, then you should be happy about and it and ignore what people say. You just need to strengthen your bond with your child and ensure a healthy upbringing.