5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

As a parent, it is very important to establish an emotional bond with your child, right from their childhood to ensure a healthy relationship with them. How you interact with your child is an important contributing factor on how your relationship grows and also in shaping the future of your child. Your child spends a lot of time with you at home and looks up to you for different things in life. So, you have to wise enough to nurture their childhood in such a way that they become mature and responsible in the right way as they grow up.

You cannot be very liberal or very strict at the same time. You need to understand that what you say to your child impacts their mind and brain in a big way. So, choose your words wisely so that they get the right essence of your message and take the best action.

5 Things That You Should Never Say To Your Child Are:

Leave Me Alone:

As mentioned earlier, your child looks up to you for everything in life, especially in their growing and developing phase. They learn a lot from you so give them time and be patient. You might have a lot on your plate to handle, but ignoring your kids for that might be the worst thing to do. So, whenever they come to you with a problem or they want to say something, listen to them patiently and you can always comment or react later. Do not let them feel neglected.

You Are The Best:

Always appreciating your child is also not good. So, tell them if they are wrong, or rather specifically mention what was good and what was not. Praising is good to a certain extent, but not always. Too much of this can make them arrogant, and they start disrespecting others. Likewise, do not always tell them “Let Me Help You” whenever they are stuck with something. Let them try and find their own ways first.

Do This, Else..:

Do not use the stick or punishment method always. Find a better way to deal with the problem when your child is not doing something. Things like “Wait Till Your Daddy Comes Home” or “I Will Not Give Dessert If You Do Not Do This” isn’t going to work in the long run. Rather, challenge and motivate them to do the task in a new way and focus on the process or journey rather than the result or the outcome. This makes them more creative and empathetic. This gives them a whole new perspective of life.

Hurry Up:

Do not push your child to finish everything within a timeline. As in, do not force them to finish everything on the plate, rather give smaller portions which they will be able to enjoy and eat. Rushing for everything and lack of time to enjoy smaller moments is very common for adults, but do not make it a norm for your kids. Let them enjoy what they like in their own way and interpret things themselves.

Why Are You Not Like Them?

Comparing your child to another is probably not a good idea. Yes, it is an age of fierce competition, but try to handle it wisely. Do not push them into the rat race. They are unique in their own way. Yes, you might want them to pick up certain qualities what others have, but make them understand in a better way. When you start comparing, they feel neglected and this can lead to a stubborn and arrogant or a timid or fearful behaviour.

Parenting is a tough job, so you might not be best or perfect in everything. Actually, there is nothing as perfect in parenthood. It is a learning experience for you, so do not get stressed if you have said or done something that you should not have for the first time. If you realize that it was not right, you still have time to rectify it. Do not blame yourself or your child for that. Rather, understand what went wrong, learn from the consequences and implications and do it right the next time. Do not judge or compare yourself with other parents because every child is different, so they need to be handled differently, and so are you.