5 Things You Want To Ask Your Daughter’s First Boyfriend As A Father

Daughters are very precious to their fathers. They can hardly believe that their little princess will grow up one day and probably go out on a date with some guy. But this is something that does happen and dads have a tough time dealing with the situation. They have so many apprehensions about their daughter’s first boyfriend. They think a million things foremost being “will he love her as much as I do?” Sometimes, dads get over protective and want to keep an eye on everything.

Dads usually get really annoying during this time and they keep coming up with ways to find fault with the new person who seems to have piqued their little girl’s interest. While, your concern is justified as you always want your little girl to be safe, but sometimes too much nagging will lead to the same old conflicts where your child is fighting for her right to make her own choices.

Answers to these questions will tell you everything you need to know about the boy in your daughter’s life.

Why Do You Want To Be My Daughter’s Boyfriend?

Well, there are chances that the guy might lie, but you will able to figure out if he is genuinely answering or making up something.

What Do You Do For Fun?

This is a good way to know about his hobbies, what he does he do for a living, or what are his future plans.

What Do Your Parents Do?

Information about his family is important. A person’s upbringing defines their personality. Again, if he lies, you will know.

Do They Have Dating Rules For You?

You probably have curfews for your daughter that you are strict about, so, it is important that you find out if her boyfriend also has similar rules in his home. This eases apprehensions knowing that she is dating a boy who respects rules and boundaries.

What Is Your Full Contact Information?

You need to collect his full contact information before you agree to send them on a date. You should be able to contact him or his parents in case of emergency. You can also ask him for his ID card in case of any emergency.

As a father, you need to be concerned about your daughter’s well being, but you also need to give some space to your teenager. If you sense there is some problem with the guy, you need to clearly discuss it with your daughter rather than get aggressive and try to control her. If you think, he is a nice guy, you can always assure your daughter and let her know that you trust her choice.

Though, it is difficult to know a person completely with a few questions, but you will surely know the kind of person he can be. So, let your daughter enjoy her rebellious adolescence, but don’t let her too far out of your sight.