5 Tips To Help Your Child Deal With Bullies

Dealing with challenges are a part of our life, a character-building process that we all have to go through. One such situation that many of us might have faced is standing up to bullies in school or college. Bullying is rampant now, and children everywhere are dealing with this problem as best as they can. However, not many children speak out in fear that they will not be taken seriously. And many are embarrassed to discuss what happens to them. This can have adverse effects on their life, their relationships, and academia.

Bullying can break down a child completely and cripple his emotions for life. It can damage his/her self confidence, motivations, and aspirations. Any act of bullying in school can lead to dire consequences for someone. So, it is very important for parents to know if their child is being bullied and take corrective action in time to prevent further damages to his/her life. And, if you get to know that your kid is being bullied and he/she is not able to confront his/her bully, then it is time you intervene and sort things out, or help your child cope.

5 Ways To Teach Your Child How To Deal With Bullies Are:

Encourage Them To Stand Up Against It:

Always encourage your child to stand up for themselves. Make them understand that bullying is wrong, does not imply superiority. They shouldn’t accept anyone bullying them and should report it if they see someone else getting bullied. They need to inform the right authorities to prevent and stop unwanted incidents.

Help Them Respond:

You can teach your child how to respond if someone bullies them. They can start by saying- ‘back off’, ‘leave me alone’, ‘I will tell the teachers or parents if you do this’, ‘this is not nice’, etc. Practice these with your child so that they know when and how to respond.

Exemplify With Role Play:

Make your child understand what is bullying exactly so that they can judge situations in which they feel bullied. You can use role play with ‘what-if’ situations to show your child how bullying happens and what they should do in that situation.

Speak To The School Authorities:

When you feel that things are getting out of hand, or that your child is being repeatedly bullied, then speak directly to the authorities. Rather than taking things in your hand, involve authorities, who can help take a stand in this respect. Seek corrective action.

Communicate Everyday:

Ask your child about what happened in school or if someone said or something inappropriate. Encourage them to open up to you. You can also talk to his/her close friends if you sense that something is wrong and your child is not telling you. You can also seek the help of your guidance counsellor who might be able to get your child to open up to them.

Bullying is not easy to deal with. Victims of bullying often deal witn long-term emotional and mental baggage that is tough to get rid of. Encourage your children to speak up, and be intolerant of aggressive behaviour in your child or other children. Make them understand that it is not their fault that they are being bullied and that if they accept it once, they will get bullied more. Encourage them to learn how to deal with bullies on their own, because you won’t always be around when they are in a difficult situation.