5 Ways To Baby Proof Your House For Your Child

Baby proofing the house is very important, when your baby starts crawling or walking. It is very important for their safety and security. They are small and they cannot judge where to go and where not to go. Moreover, their curiosity is at its peak, so they want to explore everything, especially dangerous ones. So, baby proofing becomes very important.

It is important to cover plug points, cover sharp edges, and install gates etc. wherever required. However, it is important to remember that all this   baby proofing will have to be taken out as they grow up. So, it is important to go for such gadgets or methods, which are easy to take off later. However, special care also needs to be taken that one you choose are sturdy and safe in it for the baby.

5 Simple Ways To Baby Proof Your House Can Be As Follows:

Electrical Points:

This is the most important thing from which you need to protect your baby. Mostly, electrical points are accessible to baby when they start crawling. So, you can opt for plug point covers, which helps to prevent them from touching or putting fingers inside. Go for simple designs, so that it doesn’t attract them further.


Staircases can be a great danger when your baby starts crawling. So, think about installing stair gates, which are difficult for them to open or go over. However, make sure it is easily removable later and are safe themselves.


Kids love pulling out and pushing in drawers, and it can easily come off if they are loose. So, make sure you put a kind of latch on the handles, which makes it difficult for them to pull. Because, sometimes they can leave upper drawers and can hit their head.

Door And Windows:

Babies might try to open doors and windows deliberately. So, keep them away from them. Also, install necessary stoppers and anti-skid material to stop doors and windows from banging. Also, keep keys and other small objects away, which your baby can swallow. So, basically be alert and attentive, and always supervise your baby, when they start crawling and walking.

Furniture And Sharp Objects:

Babies can get hurt from furniture in and around the house. So, the sharp edges need to be covered properly. Glass and other harmful objects need to be kept away from them. Inflammable objects and liquid things like phenyl, etc. should be completely kept away from their reach.

Baby proofing the house is not only about putting tools and gadgets in place, but also to ensure that you keep way all sharp objects and dangerous things away from their reach. These are just a few examples of baby proofing; there can be many more, which you need to consider. Also, you need to ensure that you are aware who comes into the house. You should not leave outside people alone with your child, or you need to be with them if they need to do some work in the house. As a parent, you need to ensure your baby is safe and sound from every aspect.