5 Ways To Determine If Your Child Is Too Competitive

As a parent, you want to see those winning trophies in the cupboard and a sense of achievement in your child’s face. Winning makes everybody happy, but when it becomes an addiction, it can have dire consequences. It is true that we all have to compete with everything and everybody to succeed in life, but becoming obsessed with competition is not good for your child. They will anyways join the rat race, but becoming too competitive from a young age is not a good sign.

We all cherish those moments of winning in our lives. According to research, ‘winning’ moments have a lasting impact. However, if children are put into a habit of winning always, it can take away their motivation to succeed. Hence, it is okay to be competitive, but kids have to understand that losing and learning has its own perks too. According to another research, it has been stated that ‘competition is good for some, but it may result in a few winners and many losers’. Too much of competition can encourage a set of kids, while it can discourage others, who have difficulty in dealing with failure as it can affect them later in life.

As you keep getting happier and flaunting your child’s success, just spare a moment to think, if he/she is becoming too competitive. Check out for these signs in your child:

They Love All That Bragging.

As they keep winning, people start praising them. They get used to all that attention. They also start boasting and bragging about themselves. They start thinking that they are invincible.

They Might Cheat For Winning.

Winning becomes so important for them that they might cheat or take help of other ways to win too. It is important to keep a check on their breaking the rules, even if it is a simple board game. This way they learn to follow the rules and make a fair win.

They Can’t Handle Failure.

They become so used to winning, they even a small instance of losing might have a negative impact on their minds. They can also take some extreme step or harbour some negative thoughts in their mind.

They Behave Differently.

Sometimes, competition and winning makes them arrogant, they demean others or behave as if they are superior. Otherwise, they lose their temper, or throw tantrums, or make excuses for losing.

They Don’t Respect The Competition.

They start thinking of themselves as more important than the competition. They sometimes start calling competitors cheaters or losers. They become too involved in the contest that they forget about sportsmanship. They only think about winning, and might also lose interest in other activities in life.

Sometimes, circumstances and parents push their children to be more competitive, to succeed in everything, to be the best among the lot. Many kids take it as the norm of life, while others get pressurized and stressed with all this. They can even take any drastic steps, when they fear that they might lose. So, as parents, you need to encourage them for a healthy competition, but winning or losing at this young age should not be a tough rule. Let them learn from both and let them take their own decisions.