5 Ways To Help Siblings Find Their Own Passions And Strengths

Having a sibling makes growing up a a lot more different than being a single child. For a parent also, bringing up two or more kids is a different parenting experience. Siblings are like best friends, who can bring out the best and the worst in each other. And, when there is a considerable age difference between them, your work becomes a bit easier. The elder child can help their younger sibling in different ways, and assist you in teaching them the things that they have already learnt.

Siblings can enjoy play time, study time, activity time together and it helps them to understand each other and bond better. When they work together, they are able to identify their own passions and use their own strengths to perform a task.

5 Exciting Ways That Can Help Siblings Find Their Own Strengths And Passions Are As Follows:

Do Not Tag Them Beforehand:

Do not refer to them as ‘the silent one’ or the ‘the naughty one’ – don’t stereotype them. This makes them confined with certain traits or behaviors and they start believing it, without exploring their true self. So, do not label them with their traits right now.

Let Them Spend Time Together:

Let the siblings play together and spend time with each other. This way they get to know each other better and also about their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. The more time they spend, they become compatible and this also helps them to develop attributes, which will help them socially.

Do Not Always Referee Their Fights:

Do not always interfere in their fights. You might want to intervene only when absolutely necessary. Let them use their own judgement and reasoning to handle the situation. You can probably spend some ‘we’ time with each of them to teach them about life lessons, good conduct, etc, in ways they understand.

Give Them A Task:

Give them activities, which they need to do as a team, this way each of them will use their own set of positives and help each other to overcome their negatives to complete the task. Let them decide how they want to do it. This is the process how they discover their strengths, planning, management and use it effectively. They will compliment each other and work as a team.

Do Not Compare And Let Them Express:

Most importantly, do not compare them with each other. This way, you might be breaking someone’s self confidence and motivation to follow his/her dreams. Then, they might want to be just like their sibling and a sense of failure sets in. You need to let them express their point of view and understand that they are both different individuals. Siblings also aid in the process, when they urge their brother or sister to exhibit their traits and do things their way.

As siblings will learn to use their own traits to face challenges in life, overcome hurdles and pursue their dreams. So, as a parent, you have to give equal space to both the children and let them discover their own strengths and weaknesses. So, let siblings play, fight, discuss, play pranks and do everything together as children so that they share a compatible relationship for life.