5 Ways To Make Bedtime More Fun For Your Kids

One of the biggest challenges you might be facing after becoming a mother is putting your little bundle of joy to sleep. When they are infants, they might be keeping you awake for breastfeeding; when they are toddlers, they are full of energy and excitement, so you need to be equally energetic to keep up with them and eventually put them to sleep. When they are infants, you can swaddle them or sing to them to sleep, but toddlers are more difficult to persuade and put to sleep.

However, if you can make bedtime fun and exciting for them and out them in a routine, it becomes much easier and faster. These simple ideas and games might help you to make bedtime fun for your toddler. Try them out and you will also enjoy being a part of it.

Make Them Comfortable:

You can make them comfortable by giving them a warm shower or a glass of milk or play some nice rhymes or music. Whatever is the thing that soothes them and calms down mind should be a part of the pre-bedtime ritual. However, avoid video games or mobiles as these can have adverse effects.

Set A Routine:

Pick a bedtime and make sure you follow it every day. Make them understand that they have to go to bed by this time every day. A set schedule is very important to follow; initially there might be hindrances or do not force them as this can make them arrogant. Gradually, the routine will set in and your child will get used to it.

Use Bedtime Games:

You can think of bedtime games like to find a toy under the blanket, sharing time or lights out, which involves them staying on the bed and having some fun before they are tired and ready to go to bed. Do not involve a lot of running around, rather choose games which can be played on their bed or around it.

Use Stories, Reading Time, Etc.:

Bedtime stories are probably the best habit you can imbibe to put your toddler to sleep. Use this time to read short stories to your child. This develops their listening skills, concentration, vocabulary and other things as well. This time between you and your child also helps to strengthen the bond between both of you.

Talk To Them About The Benefits:

Have a discussion with your child about the benefits of a good sleep and benefits of going to bed early. Show them examples how this will help them, and explain in simple and easy language, which they can understand and interpret. Also ensure that they have a filling meal and is not going to bed empty stomach.

The more you stress on the routine, gradually they will also be able to tune their body clock according to the schedule. A proper bedtime ritual always facilitates a good sleep and helps them to rise early for school or exercise. You should also follow a similar routine for your own good, and not delay sleep time because if your child figures out that you have a different routine, they might want to follow the same.