5 Ways To Make Your Child To Their Chores

Your child will probably come up with a number of excuses for not doing their chores. And, this frustrates and irritates you all the more. You get tired of telling them to do their daily chores, and then you yell at them and make things worse. Kids will always want to avoid work and try to spend more time playing. But, it is up to you how to handle them and get them to do their basic chores every day.

Chores are boring, even for adults. So, you need to make them fun and exciting to get the kids to do them. There is a set of chores, which kids of every age group can do, so you need to make them do those rather than expecting them to do other things as well. Getting your kids to do daily chores is a common family argument, but after reading this, I am sure, you will be happy and satisfied mom that you could do the impossible.

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Child Do Their Daily Chores Are As Follows:

Innovate And Make Chores Fun:

Make chores exciting, so that they start liking it. Innovate existing chores into something fun like making your sibling’s room rather than theirs. You can also let them innovate their own ways to getting the job done say you can let them play music while doing the dishes etc.

Use A Structure:

Set a time and schedule for the chores. Let them understand that they need to finish something before they can watch TV or play games. You can set their routine during the vacations before they can enjoy their free time.

Do Not Nag About It:

  Nagging, pushing, yelling can’t make your child do some work if they do not want it themselves. So, stop controlling them or making them do things by force. Rather, show and teach them the importance of chores and how it is going to help them.

Appreciate Their Efforts:

Do not always judge them on what and how they are doing. If they are doing it wrong, correct them amicably. If they have done it properly, appreciate and applaud their efforts. Even if the outcome is not as expected, reward them for their efforts, which will keep motivating and encouraging them.

Do Not Use It As Punishment:

Do not use chores to punish your child. Like if they misbehave, then you will make them do the dishes. Rather, they should understand that they should do it because they are a part of the family and this way they are contributing towards the well being of the family.

Kids will do their chores as a habit, if they find interesting and fun in doing them. Moreover, a bit of appreciation or a pat on their back is also important to keep them motivated. So, make sure you teach them with care and compassion, rather than with scolding or beating. Another important thing is that you display the same behaviour you want them to exhibit. So, do your daily chores in a positive way so that your child exhibits the same attitude towards chores.