5 Ways To Reconnect With Your Spouse After Your Baby Is Born

After childbirth, a mother gets busy in taking care of her child, while her role as a wife takes a backseat. We get so engrossed in nurturing our little bundle of joy that we forget about another important person – our spouse. Though, a newborn baby makes the bonding stronger in a marital relationship, sometimes it might also take you apart if you do not give enough time to your relationship.

After your baby is born, sometimes both partners ignore the physical and emotional needs from their marriage. They pretend that things are fine between them, but lack of communication and intimacy makes your relationship boring and lifeless.

After childbirth, both of you need to make a conscious effort keep your relationship going and not let it become entirely child-centric.

1. Start Date-Nights:

Revive your relationships by getting back to date-nights. You might think, where is the time for that? But, you need to take time off for your own relationship. Hire a babysitter so that you can spend quality time with your spouse like going for a candlelit dinner or something that you both enjoyed before your baby was born.

2. Involve Your Spouse:

Handling a newborn baby is a lot of work, so involve your spouse in this task. This way you will both get quality time with the new member of your family and with each other. Share your duties.

3. Conversations Help:

Most of the times, communication gap has been named as one of the major causes of disconnect between partners. If you feel there is any issue, then leave your ego behind and talk about it with your spouse. Discuss any problem that you might be facing or any post-partum issues that are troubling you. Clear communication helps resolve complications and clear any confusion.

4. Revive Your Sex Life:

After you recover, both physically and mentally, take time to get back to your sex life. A healthy sex life helps to ensure a happy marital relationship. If you are facing any physical complication or post partum depression or aversion to sex, consult a doctor or counselor immediately. Go in for couples therapy if required.

5. Don’t Ignore Your Partner’s Needs:

Do not ignore the needs of your spouse. Do not neglect them by shifting all your energies to your baby. Yes, your baby needs you, but your spouse needs you too. They have been your emotional support since you got to know each other, and they need your love and attention too.

Your spouse is your baby’s parent too. Losing that intimacy or connection after your baby comes into your life is not fair to the both of you. It will seem like a big ask, but your relationship needs nurturing. It is important to do what is needed as soon as you can or you and your child might find yourselves in an unhappy situation that will eat at you.