5 Ways To Talk To Your Child About Drugs

Today, children get get exposed to different evils like alcohol, tobacco or drugs at a much younger age. Media, Internet and easy access to these things makes it easy for anymore and everyone to get addicted to these. As a parent, you need to keep a check on your child, and educate them about these well in time so that they are not led into the wrong path.

According to experts, spontaneous and productive conversation with your child about these things will help them to understand it much better and faster. Research shows that when kids hear about alcohol and drugs are less likely to use them. So, so be proactive and talk to your child about these to prevent dire consequences later.

5 Ways To Start A Conversation About Drugs With Your Child Are As Follows:

Teach Them About Drugs And Its Consequences:

Explain to them that prescription medicine is not the only drug around. There are various kinds. Also tell them what it might look like or how to differentiate it from others. Talk to them about its negative impact on health and how it damages a person, both mentally and physically.

Tell Them About Legal Implications:

Tell them about can be the consequences if they are caught taking drugs. Educate them about the laws pertaining to drugs and what strict action can be taken against them.

Tell Them How To Say ‘no’ To Drugs:

Sometimes, it happens that some senior or friend is responsible for introducing drugs to kids in school or colleges. So, teach them how to say ‘no’ to them and also report to the authorities or to you. Tell them how to handle peer pressure and come out of such a sticky situation. Even if they have consumed the drug unknowingly, they should tell you if they observe any symptoms.

Teach Them The Difference Between Reality And Fantasy:

Children tend to get attracted to drugs after watching movies, where these things might be glorified or shown in good light. They think since onscreen heroes do it, it is also okay for them to do it. This is why you need to teach them how to differentiate between reality and fantasy. You also need to keep a check on the type of movies your kids are watching or discussing among their friends.

Nurture Their Hobbies:

Engage your child in creative and productive things so that they do not get attracted to things like drugs. Always assure them that you are there to help and support them to come out of any situation. Keep a check on his/her friend circle,  Internet usage, social media circle and other places, where they are prone to be attacked by predators.

As you teach them about the evils of choosing drugs, also help them to understand how to stay away from it or report it, if they see a friend using it. Urge them to engage with the right kind of people and involve them in other creative works like to pursue their hobbies to divert their mind from all this. Talk to your child from time to time and make them aware of the damaging effects and what all is happening around them.