5 Ways To Talk To Your Daughter About Menstruation

However close you are to your child, it gets increasingly difficult to talk about sensitive issues with them as they grow up. Sometimes, you tend to delay the same for the right time and age, but it is always better to impart all this information at home so that they get the right information and is not distracted with wrong information. So, sensitive issues like sexuality, puberty, etc.

One such issue that every mother needs to talk about with her daughter is menstruation. It is a biological phenomenon, which every woman experiences and goes through, and what better source of information can a girl get on this topic than her mother. Since, she is the one with more experience and she knows her daughter well, it is important to have this discussion without delay, when the age is appropriate.

5 Ways To Talk To Your Daughter About Menstruation Cycles Are As Follows:

Prepare Them For The First Period:

Do not wait for the right time or do not start too early; you will know when the time is right for talking about this issue. But, try to start at an appropriate time before their first period starts. Prepare them mentally and physically for the first big change. Take your time and prepare how you want to start the discussion.

Talk About The Scientific Process:

Talk about the actual scientific process what goes in the body during menstruation. Explain to them in simple and clear terms, rather than using jargon’s. Tell them about the changes their body will go through and how it happens. You can use diagrams or videos. If you are not too comfortable to start, take help from counselors or someone in the family, with whom your daughter is comfortable, but always be aware of the conversation.

Do Not Try To Hide Information:

Do not try to hide information or sound concealing. Tell them the truth, the reality and what people perceive about this. Answer their queries and question in the right way so that they do not have any doubt or even if they have, they will approach you in the future for answers. Do not be in a hurry to finish and leave. Have patience and be calm.

A Tell Them About Hygiene And Etiquette’s During Those Days:

Tell your daughter about the importance of hygiene and other etiquette’s like posture, precautions, etc. that they need to take care of, during those days. Tell them about symptoms, cycle and how to be aware of the menstruation routine or schedule.

Tell Them What Changes They Can Expect:

Menstruation is not only a physical change for a woman, but it also brings about several mental and emotional changes. So, educate your daughter about all the related changes they can expect and they will experience, like mood swings, sleeplessness, etc. They should have the right and complete information to be able to handle the pressure and stress during periods and ensure it is a healthy one for them every month.

You need to re-assure your daughter that this is a natural process, and no one can change it. Every girl needs to go through it, and if they have any queries and questions, you are the best person to come to. They need to understand that it is not shameful to talk about it to their mother, and they should not hide if they are facing any issues or complications.