6 Fun Ways To Tell Your Husband That You Are Pregnant

If your husband is at office or on a business trip when the two pink lines appear on the pregnancy test stick1, you must plan for something creative to let your husband know the good news when he arrives. As amazing a piece of news this is for the mum-to-be, the daddy-to-be is equally an essential part of this journey and deserves a treat. Instead of the conventional ways of letting him know, put on your thinking cap and get creative!

Listed Below Are Six Fun Ways To Tell Him That He Will Be A Daddy Very Soon:

1. Let The Older Sibling Do The Job:

A lot of top brands are now stocking tees with interesting captions for toddlers to wear. One very popular among them is the, “Going to be a big sister/brother”. Use this to your advantage. Buy one of these and make your older child wear it and welcome daddy home. Surprise, unmatched joy and exhilaration are just a few of those feelings that your husband is bound to experience all at once! By doing this, you are also involving your first baby in the announcement that might help to reduce a tiny bit of sibling rivalry.

2. Hanging Clothes In Closet:

You could also buy a newborn’s romper/onesie and hang it in your closet after your husband goes to sleep so that he wakes up to fabulous news early in the morning. While he would be grumpily rummaging through his clothes to wear to office, the sight of an adorable looking onesie in between his shirts would simply make his day and he is sure to lift you up and smother you with kisses.

3. Do You Play Scrabble?

Scrabble is a wonderful and creative way to convey your feelings. If you have been wondering how to let your husband know the good news, take a game of scrabble one evening and plot out the word ‘Daddy’ and witness the excitement take over his face as he realises what’s happening.

4. Buy Him A Gift:

Plan an outing on a weekend or any other evening when you are lesser occupied and while he is ordering food, slip away for a while and get him a card that says, “You are the best daddy”! I an age where technology has taken over love and simplicity, this gesture is bound to make him cry out joy. Cards convey messages like no other means of messaging can.

5. Surprise At Tea Time:

While you and your husband sit down to have your morning tea, you can place a tiny cup on the tray and let him do the thinking. While you smirk away, he will be pleasantly surprised to know that a tiny little human will soon be joining you two at tea time. His joy will be limitless!

Your husband will hold your hand through this precious journey and might also be your partner in the labour room. His contribution to this phase of life will be as significant as yours. Ensure that you make the announcement special and unique for the first love your life!


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