6 Signs That Show That You Are Turning Into Your Parents

We inherit a lot of traits, attributes and behavior from our parents. They become quite apparent at different stages of our lives. When you, yourself become a parent, probably you exhibit these traits the most, sometimes consciously and sometimes, unconsciously. Sometimes, you become a more prominent version of your parents, when you are raising your children.

So many times, we say that ‘My dad said this to me, so I will tell you this’ or ‘Mom did it like this, so I know how to do this’. There is nothing good or bad about turning a bit like your parents, but you need to know when to draw the limits. Their parenting style might have worked for you, but when it comes to your children, you are dealing with a completely different individual altogether. Hence, you can’t blindly follow what your parents did. However, there are certain good parenting skills which you inherit from your parents and they are always helpful for you.

Let us take a look at 6 alarming signs, when you know that you are turning into your parent. You can take a cue and either take it or leave it.

When You Cannot Find Important Things Before Leaving The House.

This is one of the most common things we tend to develop as parents. And, this is so similar to what we have seen our parents doing. How much ever we plan or keep things properly, we are simply unable to locate important things like house keys, mobile phone or a pen when we have to leave the house.

When You Get ‘Overwhelmed’ With Discounts At The Supermarket.

We have seen our parent stock up things, especially when there is a sale or discount at the supermarket. It is such a cliched trend and we also tend to do the same when we become parents, as we feel that we will need all those things and what if we run out of stock.

When You Lose Touch With The Latest Trends.

You remember that weird look on your face, when your dad asked about your favorite singer and he didn’t even know who he was. Or when your mom asked your dressing style and had a confused look on her face, when you tried to explain it. Well, if you also have been doing something similar, you know how it felt from both perspectives. When you have no clue of the latest trends of music, movie or games, or fashion fads, then you definitely understand the generation gap.

When You Start Blaming The Younger Generation.

Oh yes, it is the most popular one. When you out rightly blame the younger generation and their ways for everything that goes wrong, then you know that you are turning into your parents, who exactly did the same.

When You Become Defensive And Judgmental.

Yes, you become cranky, stressed, defensive and of course judgmental about what others are doing. You start judging other parents, start commenting about people’s likes, get defensive about your actions and wants to justify, and do a lot of investigating and spying. Well, everything is a part and parcel of being a parent. So, don’t blame your parents and definitely, don’t blame yourself.

When You Try To Act ‘Cool’ In Front Of Your Child’s Friends.

When you know there is a generation gap, but yet you try to fit in, just to keep a check on your child, you know you might have picked it up from your parents. Trying to act cool and wanting to become a part of the gang is a classical style, and sometimes, you can be a hilarious misfit.

Your parents have probably done their best while raising you, but not everything they have done should be duplicated by you. So, you might have to adopt a different way of parenting of your children. Do not be adamant to follow your parents, rather understand your child’s need and temperaments. Avoid the mistakes your parents had made and embrace the good advice, which will make you a better parent like they were.