7 Pregnancy Myths Debunked

From your neighbor to a distant aunt, everyone will have an opinion about your pregnancy and however much you try to escape the drama, the myths will get to you in some way or the other. Have you realized the amount of wrong information that you receive during pregnancy? The myths around pregnancy should always be weighed in with evidence and if they are not evidence-led or backed by logic and reasoning, they should be ignored for good.

Listed Below Are 7 Popular Pregnancy Myths That Have Been Debunked:

1. Eating For Two

Health practitioners are of the opinion that a pregnancy requires an additional intake of 300 calories for it to sustain and there is no need to eat for two in the truest sense of the term. This is a common myth that leads to women unnecessarily piling up on unhealthy fats and gaining more weight than is recommended. Losing weight after childbirth is quite a task so not gaining excessively in the first place is the way out. A healthy pregnancy should lead to a weight gain of 25-35 pounds and lesser if you are overweight to start with. Eat healthy and limit your intake of processed food and sugary drinks to have a healthy pregnancy.

2. Don’t Have Sex!

It is generally believed that having sex in pregnancy will harm the fetus or cause a miscarriage. This is not true. If the pregnancy is normal and there are no risks associated, having sex till the last few days of pregnancy is absolutely normal and you definitely don’t need to practice celibacy till you deliver. In fact, it has been reported that having sex can bring on labor if you have crossed 40 weeks and are still waiting for the pains to begin. If you have a high-risk pregnancy1 and your doctor has specifically asked you not to have sex, you will need to avoid it.3. 3

3. No Coffee For You

This myth is backed by the reason that caffeine is not good for a pregnant woman. While it is true that excessive intake of caffeine can worsen your heartburn and or put you at risk for a preterm labor, one to two cups a day is perfectly alright for you.

4. Heartburn=Hairy Baby

While a study in the year 2007 did seem to back up this myth, it is definitely a false indicator. Heartburn in pregnancy is caused by the overcrowding of your organs due to the growing fetus and not because you have a hairy baby inside. There is no proven link to support this myth.

5. You Can Prevent Stretch Marks

Whether you apply shea butter or cocoa butter or even an entire tub of aloe vera gel, preventing stretch marks is impossible. Some women are prone to them while some are not and since these are deep epidermal tears, you can hardly do anything about them except for soothing your skin with Vitamin E that is found in a number of creams and moisturizers these days. This will keep the belly from feeling itchy all the time.


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