A Few Methods To Ease The Stress When Handling Twins

A new mother has a lot of mixed feelings running up and down her mind like anxiety, happiness, fear, etc. She undergoes a lot of physical and emotional changes. A lot goes through her mind regarding her baby and her new responsibilities. She has her own speculations about the right and wrong on raising a baby, while she also needs to listen to advice from others. While handling one baby can be quite a handful, managing twins can seem like a mammoth task.

While twins mean double the happiness and double the fun, managing them can be a tedious task for a mother. Many get stressed and frustrated to handle this pressure, while others learn the tips and tricks to manage them effectively. Twins means twice the crying, twice the diaper changes and twice of everything that you can think of in a motherhood. Initially, coping up with twins can leave a mother tired and stressed, but she gradually learns the ways and becomes a pro.

Here Are A Few Of Our Tips And Tricks To Help A New Mom Cope Up With Twins Efficiently And Effectively:

Ways To Carry And Feed:

This is the first step to managing twins. You need to feed them both and put them to sleep. So, think of your own comfortable way to carry them both, like you can put one in the front sling, while put the other on your arm. Breastfeeding can really get difficult, but you super moms will surely figure out a way, like either feed them together or one by one, while distracting the other with some toy.

Sync Their Routine:

Once you have mastered the first one, it is very important to sync up their routine at the same time of the nap, the feeds or the poop, etc. so that you get some time free for yourself. Else, you will always be tied up with one or the other all the time. You need to rest too, since you need double the energy to handle them.

Twin Accessories:

Get the twin accessories right like strollers, feeding chairs, car seats, etc., which will be your best aids, while taking care of twins. These will be very helpful when you are going out or even managing twins at home. Also, ensure extra clothes, nappies and all other essentials are readily available as you will now need more of them.

Games For Twins:

Always try to engage you twins to play games or toys, which needs two players. Encourage the infants to play with each other. This is also a good way to develop sibling bonding. This keeps both of them busy with the same thing and you can use the time to do your own work.

Take Help:

Do not hesitate to take help. You can either take help from your spouse or family members, or opt for paid services like nannies or maternity nurses. There is nothing wrong in asking for help; this way you are not ignoring your babies, rather enabling yourself to take better care of them. You also need to keep calm, and also look for local support groups if required. Keep yourself happy, fit and fine to be able to manage those bundles of joy in your life.

It is always a delight for mothers to love and care for her child. Though, it might be tiring at times, but a mother can never give up doing her best for her twins. She loves them equally and never differentiates between them in any respect. Her undaunted dedication and commitment to both of them is un-paralleled. So, mother of twins, hats off to you. You are doing great and these will only help you get better.