A Relaxing Spa Day At Home In Pregnancy

If your feet have been craving some attention and if aches and pains1 have riddled your body badly, it’s time to hit the parlour for a relaxing spa day to pamper yourself. However, if your schedule does not permit you to fix appointments beforehand or if you want to avoid all the hassle of pushing your pregnant self all the way to the parlour, you can always pamper yourself at home. With a few ingredients, a bathtub, a couple of towels and a day to yourself, you can transform the ambience of your home to feel exactly like a parlour.

Where Will You Begin?

  • Creating An Ambience

What you need is a calm, soothing and relaxing ambience and that can be attained by drawing the curtains, dimming the lights, setting up some aromatic candles and playing some good music in the background. If you are not too keen on doing these by yourself, you can always ask your husband to set it all up for you so that you can ease into the bathtub.

  • A Good Scrub

An unscented scrub is usually recommended for people with sensitive skin in pregnancy but if you have normal skin, you can easily get a scented, mild scrub and ask your husband to give you a good back and foot scrub if you are feeling too sluggish to do it yourself. Instead of store-bought scrubs, you can make a homemade scrub with oats and honey, bread soaked in milk, etc. Scrubbing will open up your pores and help your skin breathe.

  • Face Pack And Eye Mask

While luxuriating in the bathtub filled with foamy goodness, you can apply a face pack to get rid of blemishes, tan and uneven skin tone. While catering to your face, don’t forget to pamper your eyes as well. A slice of cucumber or potato will help in making your eyes shine bright and will also reduce the puffiness around your eyes. Always remember to use a pack that has been tested before.

  • Wash Off

You can stand under a warm shower and wash off the remains of the pack and use a nice scented body wash that also moisturises the skin.

  • A Manicure And A Pedicure

If you are heavily pregnant, it might be difficult for you to bend down and tend to your nails. Ask your husband to assist you in this. You can direct him while he takes care of the nails with files and varnish. Meanwhile, you can tend to your hand nails.

  • Moisturise And Call It A Day

After all that scrubbing and washing, your skin will need proper moisturising. Choose the one that you have tried and tested before and something that has a soothing effect on sensitive skin. After properly hydrating your friction points and your body, you can put on a light and airy dress, blow away the candles and slip into a deep slumber so that you can feel rejuvenated after a spa day at home. Whoever said that you need to visit a parlour for a spa, never knew the comforts of a spa at home!


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