Answering The Question, Whether Your Child Should Watch TV?

In today’s fast-paced lives, children get exposed to technology at a much younger age. Some, feel it is a necessity, while others take it as a harmful effect of technology. A recent survey states that around 40% of infants are watching some kind of video by the age of 5 years, whereas this figure rises to 90% by the age of 2 years. Another survey reveals that 4 out of 5 parents feel that technology and gadgets are good for kids and id in their development. It was also found That 37% of parents said that their kids spent 1 to 2 hours playing with tech gadgets. 38% of kids in the age group of 2 and 5 years have an Android tablet, while 32% has an iPad.

So, we can see that modern parents are not against their kids using gadgets or enjoying screen time, but they have to keep a check that their kids do not overdo it. It is fine for parents to want their kids to be tech-savy and keep up with the times, but over exposure to TV and other gadgets can have harmful effects too. A 2015 survey revealed that 85% of mothers are using technology to keep their kids engaged, while they work or are busy with other things. One of the alarming statistics that came out reveals that kids are spending around 17 hours a week in front of the screen, which is almost double of the 8.8 hours that they spend playing outdoors. Watching TV is not just watching TV, screen time can be on mobiles, tablets, gaming consoles, and others as well.

The Following Bad Effects Of Watching TV (Rather Screen Time) On Your Child Will Help You Decide And Answer The Question:

  1. TV doesn’t have any educational value before the age of 2 years. Till the age of 3 years, their brain is still developing. Infants might stare at the TV, but their brain is not able to process the bright colours or pictures. They still need time to understand and relate things to the real world.
  2. Spending more time in front of the TV takes them away from outdoor activities and exercises, which is very important for their growth and development. They tend to become obese and less fit as they get hooked to junk food and couch time. Lack of exercise at this young age also results in lower brain functioning at an older age.
  3. Research says too much of screen time narrows the retinal artery in children, which increases heart risk.
  4. A study shows that children between the age group of 2 and 10 years, who watch TV for more than 3 hours a day are 30% more likely to develop high blood pressure than others.
  5. Experts feel that every hourly increase of daily television watching for toddlers can be related to bullying by classmates and physical prowess at Kindergarten.
  6. Spend a lot of time in front of the TV reduces their reading abilities. They get hooked to the screen, rather than books. This also takes them away from developing social, motor, language and creative skills.
  7. Experts say that kids, when exposed to too much of TV’s background noise have problems focussing and concentrating.
  8. A study also revealed that young children, who watch Tv more than 3 hours a day also have emotional symptoms or relationship problems from a tender age of 7 years.
  9. Certain shows or programs also have a negative influence on children and they can also go to trauma or show extreme emotional behavior.
  10. Language development becomes a major issue as they listen to so many different things and languages.

Talking About A Few Of The Good Effects Of Watching TV:

  1. Certain educational and informative shows might be helpful for them to learn certain concepts and know about things.
  2. Kids can see things in real like some animal or plant, about which they have read in the books.
  3. It is an alternative to their other games, once in a while like animations and cartoons.
  4. As a parent, you can also lock unwanted channels and shows.

So, you can figure out that, watching TV needs to be limited according to their age. You need to set guidelines for watching TV and limit their screen time to 2 hours per day. Your kids will gradually set the rules for themselves. But, if you expose them too much from the beginning, it will only take turn in the wrong way.

You might want to think of other ways to keep your kid engaged, while you are working or use other things to make them eat or sleep, because once the damage has been done to their brain development and growth, it might never be reversed in the right way. So, take necessary precautions at the right time.