Are You Planning For A Natural Birth? Know The Different Methods You Could Try

Natural childbirth is the way Nature had originally intended women to deliver babies till medicine and science intervened to make it look different to the naked eye. Although the contribution of medicine towards pregnancy and childbirth cannot be ignored, the fact that a natural birth feels more real and has a number of benefits for both mother and child also needs to be highlighted consistently.

There are a number of ways in which you can plan for a natural birth. Whichever way you choose to use, always remember to keep emergency supplies at hand and try and deliver in close proximity to a hospital or nursing home if there, just in case there is need to visit one.

1. Water Birth:

As expensive as it is, water birth is being labelled as the new trend in natural birth techniques. In this form of birthing, you sit in a large tub filled with warm water and either delivers in it or stay as long as labour continues.

This method is gaining popularity because of the suggestions that the warm water helps the expecting mum in a number of ways:

  • Helps manage labour pains more effectively
  • Reduces the chances of a severe vaginal tear
  • Eases the body and relaxes the mum in labour
  • Keeps anaesthesia1 requirements at bay
  • Helps speed up labour

You can choose to have a water birth in a hospital if home birth sounds impossible to you. Consider the costs before adopting this method because it could be quite expensive depending on the kind of arrangements you are planning to have.

2. Lamaze Birth:

A Lamaze childbirth class will teach you to have faith in your body’s ability to give birth naturally. The way you are responding to pain is one of the important factors in deciding how painful your labour can get. Lamaze teaches a woman that labour is normal and natural and with simple coping strategies in place, labour can be handled efficiently.

Lamaze classes assist women to be active participants in labour and childbirth and learn pain relaxation techniques like changing positions, walking, massaging and also encourage partners to actively participate in labour. Lamaze technique of birthing uses methods of distractions during contractions so that pain can seem bearable.

3. Hypnobirthing:

This method involves letting go of all fears that tend to build up before labour so that a woman can deliver in a calm, safe and gentle manner; all while staying relaxed and awake and alert of what is happening around. Often touted as a state of self-hypnosis2, this method encourages a woman to use her body’s natural abilities to give birth, without the need of medical intervention or external pain management. Fear and anxiety about labour and birth cause women to feel constricted and hence their bodies don’t open up. Hypnobirthing teaches calming techniques to be employed before and during birth so that birthing is in totality a comfortable experience instead of being a traumatic one.

All natural birthing means and methods should be weighed in terms of pros and cons and whether you would be able to sustain it in the longer run so that nothing happens unexpectedly in future.