Birth Affirmations To Help You Have A Smooth And Natural Childbirth

Are you apprehensive of labor? Is the anxiety too much to bear? Have you been secretly wishing for a C-section 1 because pain tolerance is not one of your biggest strengths? Birth affirmations are a way to help you manage labor pains more effectively. You can tell them to yourself while birthing loudly or silently so that birth is not a horror story for you ever again. The trick is to keep complete control on your body, let your mind take over and train yourself to face whatever comes your way. This leads to easier, less painful, shorter and less complicated labors.

Some Of The Birthing Affirmations That You Could Chant To Yourself Are:

  • I trust my body to deliver my baby and nothing else matters.
  • The journey from labor to birth is short and sweet and then you meet your beloved.
  • I have borne this baby and now I will deliver it myself!
  • I will not bow down to contractions; they will bow down to me and I will breathe through them.
  • May my cervix open up like a lotus and may I birth effortlessly.
  • This is what I was born to do and I will do it well.
  • Breathe in and breathe out; make this work.
  • My baby is journeying across my body to meet me; let me do the rest!
  • Nature had intended this to happen and I trust Nature
  • I will co-operate with my body and my baby and will make this birth easy.
  • I am at peace with Nature and doing exactly what I should be doing.
  • I will not rush, my body knows when to give birth.
  • The surges are strong but I am stronger
  • Surrender yourself to your body and relax.
  • My pelvis is good enough for this baby and you had better not doubt it!
  • I deserve a medication-free birth, keep away that needle!
  • I am not fighting this; it is happening naturally
  • I want to hold my baby in my arms and nurse her after birth
  • I am making an informed choice and that is alright.
  • I have not lost control; I will not lose control.
  • A home birth is all I have ever wanted; I will do this.
  • I love my baby and that love will help me conquer.
  • And I will meet you, my love, at the end of the day!

Birthing affirmations can be read along with your partner every night before going to bed so that both of you are prepared for a natural and smooth childbirth. The kind of confidence these affirmations can instill is amazing and reading them on a regular basis can help you prepare for anything that comes your way. You can prepare a list of your own birth affirmations by choosing to include all that makes you stronger and helps you feel better. A natural child birth is not an easy task but you can make it happen if you want to!