Bonding With Your Baby During Pregnancy

It is as important to bond with your baby while he/she is in the womb as it is after birth. Babies sense love and affection while in the womb as much as they can sense anxiety and apprehension. While fathers do need more time to bond with the baby because it is the mother who is carrying and nourishing the baby, they can try a number of easy methods to bond well with the baby. Listed below are some easy and adorable ways both parents can create a sense of attachment with their baby even before birth:

  • Singing

Research suggests that singing to a baby in the womb can help develop a good taste for music in the baby and can also help parents feel a bonding with the baby way before birth. Singing lullabies, putting on soft and slow music including classical and New Age music helps in communicating beautifully with your unborn child. It has been noticed that babies identify the music they had heard in the womb after their birth and it does have a positive impact on their lives later. Fathers can take on this role of singing or playing music in order to begin that eternal bond of love and affection with his baby. If you are a mother, you can sing or hum sweet melodies while you are unwinding that is bound to fill you up with positive vibes and also help relax your baby inside.

  • Massaging

You do not need to be a prenatal masseur to be able to give a nice and relaxing massage to your wife. A massage helps you feel the baby as a real individual as he/she kicks inside the womb. Feeling those little kicks and moves can help immensely in building a bond with your baby. It is also about introducing your baby to the world of human touch. It is yet to be proved whether prenatal massages are beneficial for the baby but as long as it helps you connect with him/her, there is no harm.

  • Visualizing And Communicating

Whenever you feel negativity all around you, the most ideal way to let go would be to visualize your baby in all its grandeur and speaking to him/her in a soft and mellowed voice. As we have seen already that babies can hear from inside the womb, narrating short stories, talking about your day, telling him/her how you can’t wait to meet after birth, placing your hand on the baby bump and caressing gently will fill you up with warm and fuzzy feelings for your baby.

  • A 3d Ultrasound

A 3d ultrasound1 is the closest you could come to seeing your unborn baby live in action inside the womb. You can literally se him/her rolling about, yawning adorably, blinking his/her eyes, sleeping etc while the ultrasound is done. You can also get 3d pictures of your baby to preserve as memories. While not everyone wants to opt for these, you could do it to feel connected to that little being growing up inside your womb.