Can’t Afford A Fancy Nursery? Find Tips On A Budget Nursery Here!

Let’s admit it, a designer nursery could be easy on a celebrity’s pocket but not all of us are celebrities and we might need to think about other baby-related expenses. How do we go about making a nursery warm and welcoming for our newborn? There are a number of ways you could decorate a nursery while keeping your budget intact and we will tell exactly how:

  • Be Practical:

Your baby will probably not have the same personality from infancy to preschool years. Decorating the room with pink lace and pink frames on the wall, painting the walls purple and buying a pink mat; just because your 20-week ultrasound tells you that you will have a baby girl makes no sense at all. Your baby might not even like pink. Try and incorporate timeless ideas that your baby will grow up with. This reduces the cost of your decor because specific detailing is more expensive these days. Moreover, you are also ensuring that you will hardly spend a lot till 3-4 years from now.

  • Buy Preloved:

All of us love our babies but that does not necessarily mean we would go broke decorating his/her nursery. What could we do instead? Buy preloved1. There are a number of online portals where people sell off new or used baby gear, accessories, clothing etc that you could choose to buy at a much lesser cost than the brand new ones. The users put up pictures of the products so that you can see if they are good enough for you. From changing tables to mats, from high chairs to cribs, from cot mobiles to storage units, there is something for everyone.

  • Buy When Sales Are On:

Since you will have 9 whole months to buy things for the nursery, you are sure to have one sale season in this term. Utilise it to its fullest potential. Buy almost everything that you feel might be required initially and there will enough discounts both online as well as in physical stores to bring down prices within your budget. This not only saves precious time after baby is born but also keeps your finances stable.

  • DIY:

Nothing is as personal as doing up your baby’s nursery all by yourself and with a little help from your pregnant partner. You will simply need your favourite paint shades, wall tapes, a bucket; a couple of good brushes, an apron and you are set to paint the nursery just the way you want to. You could also frame family portraits and hang them up instead of choosing expensive store-bought wall hangings. Cot mobiles can be easily made at home instead of the exorbitantly priced ones available in stores.

Apart from these ideas, you could always accept hand-me-downs from family members and friends. At your baby shower, you can ask for particular baby-related stuff as per the budget of the one who is gifting. It is quite easy to decorate your nursery on a budget, provided you know the tricks of the trade.