Check Out These Cool And Inexpensive Ideas For Family Outings

Spending time with family can be fun – both indoors and outdoors. But, with kids around, outdoor outings becomes a must, probably once a month. Kids just want to jump, play and run around. They love to enjoy different rides in a park or play with friends, which is not possible while indoors. So, family outings becomes a necessity both for the recreation of your kids and for taking a break from your mundane work. Family outings are good for family bonding, where everybody can enjoy in the fresh air and have loads of fun.

However, nothing comes free. Outings cost money, for transportation, food, etc. However, it is up to you, how much you want to spend on a family outing. If you believe in small outings every weekend, then you can keep a low budget or if you are planning for an outing in several months, then probably you can plan for an outstation vacation or a short trip, which might be costlier.

But, if you are looking for family outings every now and then and bored with the trip to the zoo or the water park, then check out these cool ideas of having fun with your family outdoors. These are fun without being heavy on your pocket.

Nearby Treks:

Well, don’t consider this to be the long-distance, tedious treks; rather there are smaller ones like trails inside an adventure or an amusement park. This is a good way to enjoy amidst Mother Nature. Short walks are pleasant and you can take rest along the way.


Fair, fetes are also good places for a family outing with food, rides and lots of options for kids. They can have fun and you can also relax, or join them on rides, enjoy tasty foods and probably relive your childhood moments all over again.

Educational Sites:

By this, we mean visit to the library or a museum, where you can show and teach your kids. You can also check for educational tours, provided by different agencies, where you can spend time with your family as well as acquire lots of information about history, science, art, etc.

Recreational Centres:

You can also join certain camps or DIY activity centre, where families can come together for art and crafts, games and other activities. This is a good way to involve the whole family in something creative, while having fun.

Your Backyard:

Though, it’s a part of your house, your backyard or a friend’s garden can be a good place for a so-called family outing. You can arrange for some games like treasure hunt or water games and arrange for bouncies and have a kind of a small picnic with food. It can be like a potluck where everybody brings in something so that the entire burden is not you.

These are just a few examples. There are lot many places which you can visit with your family, especially kids and spend a day of fun and leisure without having to loosen your purse strings.