Date Nights With Spouse In Pregnancy? Know Why They Are So Important!

Being pregnant can be the perfect excuse to not spend quality time with your partner but think again if you have been avoiding going out with him more often than not! It is generally seen that marital pleasure tends to decline once a baby arrives but have you ever thought why? Primarily because as soon as we find out we are pregnant, all our thoughts tend to become baby-centric. We keep planning new things, making new lists, buying new things and in the midst of all this, we stop being husband and wife. We just end up being parents and lose that spark. We should always remember that we are a couple to begin with and intimacy should never be lost, be it in pregnancy or otherwise.

Why Date Nights?

  • Because all you have been doing is thinking of the new arrival and not paying enough attention to the spouse who has obviously taken a backseat.
  • A couple should always remember to care for each other and a date night will help you to open up to one another with all the problems and issues you might be facing.
  • Because dressing up and going out with the one person you love can be extremely invigorating and fill you up with positive feelings.
  • It will give you and your spouse a well-deserved break from your busy schedules and help you two to unwind.
  • Date nights can rejuvenate you and feel better about your changing body1.
  • It is an avenue to talk to each other about how you two feel about the recent changes in life and how you plan to cope with them.

A Wonderful Medium To Communicate

When was the last time you spent an hour talking to your husband without thinking of a million other things? Staying at home and having dinner from a box can fill up your tummies but there are homely matters to discuss and other responsibilities that take over your mind. Going on date nights will help you and your husband unwind and speak to each other without hindrances. Communication is a quintessential aspect of any relationship and does wonders in pregnancy when all you talk to each other is about the baby.

Date Night Ideas

  • Do a dinner and a movie together. Watch a movie that you have been long waiting for and have fun together. It will be some time before you get to do this again after the baby arrives. Order food and enjoy the meal whole-heartedly without looking at the watch.
  • You can try overnight camping if you are the adventurous type. There will be no television and no laptop to interrupt your long conversations and you can hug each other while drifting into slumber.
  • A sunset cruise is beautifully romantic and is the just the thing if you are looking to relax. A dinner after the cruise will help to deal with the hunger pangs before you lose your mind over it.