Decoding The Highly Celebrated Pregnancy Glow!

Among the plethora of things that pregnancy brings along, the beautiful glow on the skin is a much-talked about consequence and is quite celebrated by women. Although, not everyone experiences glowing skin in pregnancy but for those who do, have you ever wondered why do you glow during pregnancy? Glowing skin is one of the physiological changes that occur in pregnancy and is caused by the change in hormones. Let us take a detailed look:

What Causes It?

Although the exact cause of pregnancy glow is yet to be discovered, the fact that there is increased blood circulation to your skin in pregnancy, makes up for one reason. The blood production in your body increases by 50 % in pregnancy and this is why you tend to look flushed and your skin emanates a glow. This is what research suggests.

What Causes The Increased Blood Flow?

We have all heard about the doubling of blood production to cater to the needs of your growing fetus but there is one more factor that is the reason behind the increased blood flow to your skin. Estrogen triggers the increase in blood flow to the mucous membranes and also to your skin which is why people notice the flushed skin and ask you if there is good news to share.

The Disadvantages

Although it is looked upon as a beauty benefit that comes naturally, the glow is not always a good think to look forward to. Know why:

  • Red rashes and blotchy skin are common consequences
  • Your face tends to be oilier and becomes a magnet for dirt and impurities.
  • You have frequent acne outbursts
  • You need to take extra care of your skin since it is harder to maintain now.
  • Skin becomes more sensitive too.

How To Take Care Of Your New Skin Type?

Your skin in pregnancy not only gets that glow but also brings along a new type that is a tad more difficult to maintain. Have you ever wondered why soaps and creams made especially for pregnant women do not have smells? Hypoallergenic products are made to cater to sensitive skin in pregnancy.

Scrubbing, washing, toning and moisturizing regularly should continue to be your skin care regime as before conception. If you keep your skin fresh by splashing water on it at regular intervals, it will not lead to unnecessary dirt build-up.

Always take professional help when it comes to skin care. They will be better equipped to suggest treatment plans as per your skin type.

Try to avoid soaps and high pH products because they may seem to keep your face oil-free but in reality will strip your skin of its natural protection, thus making it more prone to rashes and breakouts.

To sum it all up, the rosy glow is pregnancy is real and there is evidence to back it up but if you are one of them who has been gifted with a pregnancy mask1 instead of the glow, there is no need to be upset about it. Every pregnancy is different and so is yours!