Does Your Active Life Need To Stop In Pregnancy? Know The Facts!

You might want to spend the day sleeping or lying around, now that you are pregnant but there is nothing more beneficial than getting up and moving about, especially after receiving the good news! There are a hundred myths around pregnancy and a couple of them include resting, not walking much, not exercising etc but modern science and research shows that an active lifestyle can be the precursor of a healthy pregnancy. Let us look at a few facts about staying active in pregnancy and knowing when to draw the line:

How Will Your Active Lifestyle Help In Pregnancy? 

  1. It will help to keep the aches and pains away. Lower back aches are a common issue in pregnancy and sitting for longer stretches of time will only worsen the issue. Staying up and about all through will prevent these pains.
  2. Keep varicose veins and similar problems away. Feet tend to swell up and you also become more prone to developing varicose veins if you sit down or lie down for a long time in the wrong posture. Exercising regularly and keeping yourself active will help prevent such issues.
  3. Exercising will also help to prevent health conditions like Gestational diabetes, excessive weight gain, sleep disorders etc that tend to crop up in pregnancy.
  4. Staying active enhances your strength and endurance, thus preparing you for labor and childbirth.

When Should You Avoid Exercises And Too Many Activities?

Always consult your doctor or midwife before taking on too many activities in pregnancy. You may be asked not to overdo yourself if you have any one of these complications:

  • You have a high-risk pregnancy i.e. you have gestational diabetes, placenta previa1, hypertension, etc.
  • You have had miscarriages in the past.
  • You have a history of preterm labor.
  • You have a pregnancy with twins or multiples.

What Activities And Exercises Are Advisable?

Health practitioners recommend that walking for 30 minutes every day or every alternate day does wonders to your body. Please remember to take it slow and not overdo from Day 1 if you are exercising for the first time.

If you have been a swimmer all your life, there is no need to stop now. Swimming is the most ideal form of prenatal exercise and it helps in keeping you active and energetic.

Other forms of prenatal exercises like yoga, kegels, aerobics etc are also advisable under the doctor’s guidance.

What Precautions To Take?

If you have been active all through your life, there is no reason not to be so in pregnancy. However, there are a few precautions you must take:

  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Avoid activities that involve excessive sweating.
  • Stop at once if you feel dizzy or weak.
  • If you spot vaginal bleeding, lie down immediately and call your doctor right away.
  • If you feel cramping or contractions, let your doctor know about it and avoid exercises till he/she allows.

Regular exercising will help build stamina for childbirth and child rearing. Staying active in general also helps to a good extent. The idea is to keep your muscles working so that annoying pains don’t set in.