Does Your Baby Have Too Many Toys?

Toys are an integral part of our childhood. They are not merely playmates, rather they are a tool that aids child’s imagination. Toys have evolved a lot over time. From simple pieces of wood to mechanical ones and now highly sophisticated gadgets. Toys these days are built to support learning, but the electronic ones often get damaged because of its delicate mechanisms. Toys have also become more interactive and intuitive, and expensive as well.

Toys help to develop motor skills, eye contact, concentration, analytical and creative skills. They help to intrigue your mind and stimulate your brains. Overall, toys are good for growth and development of a child. But, getting your child every other toy in the market is not the way to go. What you end up with is a load of toys that your child will barely take an interest in, not to mention how much space it takes.

Too Many Toys Tend To Have A Negative Impact On A Child.

1. They Do Not Learn To Take Care Of Things.

When you give them too much, they lose interest. Children don’t take care of their things, when there is a lot at their disposal. So, fewer toys means they will take care of what they have.

2. They Miss Out On Social Skills.

Too much play time hampers building social skills. They lose interest in playing outside. Their interpersonal relationships are nonexistent. Childhood friendships have been identified as an important developmental building block.

3. They Argue Or Takes Things For Granted.

They tend to get obsessed with toys and end up being selfish. They might not want to share it and argue with their friends. Moreover, every time you get them a new toy whether or not they have damaged the older one, they start taking it for granted that they will get a new one anyways.

4. They Have Problems Focussing On One Thing.

Too many toys can distract them and children have trouble focussing on any one thing. They lack focus, which can also affect their studies. Moreover, too many things at a time prevents them from understanding or working with limited resources later in their educational or professional lives.

5. They Miss Out On Other Creative Skills.

With too many toys, they develop less interest in creative things like reading, writing, art and crafts, etc. These things are also important in their development and education. Too many of those electronic or battery-operated toys keep them busy and they miss out on the finer things in life.

Do not overwhelm your child with too many toys. Rather, buy the ones that will really interest him/her and teach them how to use it properly. They should not just play with it, but also care for it. Educational and informative toys will always be a great value add to your child’s toy box, however, there are some toys that they can do without and that is where your discretion comes in.