Does Your Kid Really Need Those $200 Shoes?

Have you ever thought that whenever you buy something for your child, especially toys and dresses, how long does he/she use it or is it worth the price? It is obvious that as parents, you would want to get everything that is best for your child. But, how much can your child appreciate something expensive till a particular age group. Would you want to find out if a cheaper option would work or is it the right thing to get for your child at that age?

In an age, when your child is growing and developing, the idea of learning is more important than getting branded or expensive things. The expensive needn’t always be the best, proving the proverb right that ‘all that glitters is not gold’. So, you need to pick what is right for your child at a particular age group by its implication and importance, rather than the price tag.

Some Of The Reasons, Why Your Kid Doesn’t Really Need Those $200 Shoes Are As Follows:

They Get Used To It.

When you consistently get expensive things for your child, they also get into a habit of getting it. They know that you will always get those expensive things for them. This might become a problem for example, if there is a time, when you are not able to buy something expensive, then they start throwing tantrums and do whatever it take to get that thing from you. It kind of spoils them to an extent. Pampering is fine, but in the right things.

They Use It For The Disparity.

They get so used to expensive things that they start comparing with others. They might become high headed and use it to display disparity among friends. This can also affect their relationships and behaviour later in life.

You Can Save It For Later.

Rather than spending a lot now, you can probably save it for later for their education or as an investment for their future. This saving will surely reap its benefit much later in life and ensure a secure future for them.

They Do Not Learn Money’s Worth.

Once they start getting expensive things, they feel that this is the norm. They do not realize the money’s worth or sometimes, the worth of the thing itself. They think that it is easy earned money and it’s available for their disposal. This also affects their social interactions and expenses later in life, when they start managing their own expenses.

It Is Actually Not Necessary.

You need to give it a thought, whether the expensive thing is actually needed. If it is a toy for learning or even fun, whether a less expensive model will work. You will find that mostly you can get similar things at a lesser cost, which serve the same purpose. For clothes and accessories, you need not spend too much now as they will hardly use it for a couple of times. So, be wise in your decision and don’t just buy expensive things just because some other child has got it or your child wants it badly.

When buying something, we tend to be concerned about the quality and longevity. However, branded products don’t ensure the best quality and vice versa. So, make sure you make a wise judgement about the actual product, rather than hyped price that they have out on it. Your child doesn’t really need those $200 shoes, but probably you can get her something worth the price for her learning and well being in the same price.