Expecting Twins? Know How To Prepare Yourself Well In Advance!

From the moment you come to know that you are having a twin pregnancy, there is a lot of anticipation and anxiety that starts building up. You start thinking to yourself if you will be able to cater to the needs of two babies at the same time. It is indeed quite a task to start preparing for the different things for twins but if you are aware of the basic necessities, the preparations need not be mind-boggling. Here is a list to help you preserve your sanity!

  • Start With Yourself

There are around 6 more months to prepare for the necessities. What you need right now is to look after yourself because a twin pregnancy needs special care, irrespective of whether it is a high-risk pregnancy or not. In between shopping trips, setting up the nursery, getting the wardrobe ready, remember to take short breaks in between. Try and nap in the afternoon and keep your feet elevated whenever you rest so that you can avoid swollen and painful feet. Having enough protein is important to help your twins have a healthy weight gain. You will also need to have a well—balanced diet in order to support yourself in this pregnancy.

  • Tandem Baby Wearing

If you have heard about baby wearing1 and its benefits, you will know that it practically saves you from losing your sanity in the initial months when the babies are too young to stay away from their primary caregivers. Tandem wearing will need one tandem carrier or two carriers that can be adjusted to wear two babies at the same time. You will need a lot of practice to get it right so start early. Watch tutorials online to learn the ways of tandem wearing and attend baby wearing classes if they happen in your city. Testing different carriers can help you choose the right one so that you don’t huff and puff while carrying two babies. Remember to buy ergonomic carriers that might pinch your pocket a little initially but will prove to be the best baby related investment you have ever made.

  • Listing And Stocking

It is a general tendency for twins to arrive earlier than expected so always have a list ready and stock up things by 30 weeks or so. Make a list of the essentials; the number of diapers, the clothes, crib necessities, car seat, formula, tandem strollers etc. Buy diapers in bulk so that the initial days can be taken care of. If you do not plan to baby wear, a tandem stroller will be your go-to for anything and everything. Read buying guides online and choose one that fits into your requirements and your budget. If you are having winter babies, remember to stock up on sweaters, layering clothes and winter sleepers. The biggest advantage while shopping for twins is the discount that you get, especially if you are buying in bulk.

  • Prenatal Classes

Your prenatal classes will prepare you for birthing twins and to care for them thereafter. At these classes, you can also connect with other mums of twins through the people attending and you will end up feeling more confident about this pregnancy so sign up for these classes well in advance.


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