Extra-Curricular Activities – How Much Is Too Much?

In today’s competitive world, a child’s education is incomplete without extracurricular activities. Parents feel that their kid needs to excel in one or more extracurricular activities, other than studies as it will keep them in the competition. However, too much of these after school activities take away the childhood from a child.

Childhood is the time for carefree innocence and fun. But, sometimes the burden of studies and the added burden of extracurricular activities simply makes a child forget the essence of being a child. It is the responsibility of the parents to proportionately mix both studies and after school activities for them, so that they can manage well and enjoy a balanced life.

A Few Important Things To Remember Are:

  1. Know your child’s talent and strength before you enrol him/her into some extracurricular activities
  2. Do not make them do it just because everybody else is doing so. Do not force them if they are unwilling
  3. Do not scold or de-motivate them that they are not able to perform in a particular activity. This will only increase their disinterest.
  4. Keep a check on your child’s grades so that it doesn’t get affected by too many extracurricular activities
  5. Analyze the kind of activity you choose for your child. Involve them in things, which are creative, builds their analytical skills, and inculcates life values
  6. Stuffing too much into your kid’s life also makes them stressed and nervous that they will not be able to complete and compete, which is wrong
  7. Give stress on outdoor activities which helps physical and mental health, increases interaction and develops team building skills
  8. Give them time to rest, don’t rush them into too many activities that they don’t find time to relax
  9. Know their mental and physical strength before selecting the right extracurricular activity as the wrong one can bring down their self confidence, self esteem, and probably their health too
  10. Do not pressure them to excel in every extracurricular activity. Tell them to enjoy and always check on their progress as well as their willingness to continue. Do not compare them with other kids as this is known to have grave consequences on the mental health of your child.

Extracurricular activities should be encouraging and should help build your child’s talent but don’t burden or force him/her into numerous things just for the sake of competition. A kid will excel and enjoy in an extracurricular activity only if he/she likes it and is able to dedicate the proper amount of time. The child needs to enjoy the activity and at the same time learn something. That said; don’t allow easy quitting as this causes loss of focus and concentration. It also establishes a take-it-easy attitude, which should not be encouraged. If they are willing to do a particular activity, encourage them to be persistent in building the necessary skills.

Let them choose their own activities so that it is fun for them and they enjoy the process of learning something new.