First Trimester Signs And Symptoms Explained For You

Have you been feeling way too sleepy than you’ve ever felt before? Are you rushing to the washroom more frequently than your 80 year old grandpa and does exhaustion seem like your best friend? A brand new pregnancy can bring along a host of new feelings and symptoms that you probably have never experienced before. The first and the third trimesters are usually more uncomfortable for most pregnant women but could also be quite pleasant if you knew how to tackle the discomforts.

Know What To Expect In Your First Trimester To Make It More Comfortable Than Most Others:

1. Morning Sickness:

Unfortunately, the term could be quite misleading because morning sickness can take over at any time of the day and for some, might go on all day. While 85% of pregnant women1 experience intense nausea and tend to vomit throughout their first trimester, the rest do not feel a thing. Nausea can be avoided by snacking on simple, less flavoured food early in the morning like crackers, cheese etc.

2. Cravings And Aversions:

You might start hating the sight of your favourite burgers and craving kale crisps that you used to detest a couple of months back. Cravings and aversions are normal in the first trimester and it is medically approved to give into most of your cravings as long as you do not have a history of allergies, gestational diabetes or other pregnancy induced ailments. Remember to have a balanced diet as far as possible.

3. Washroom Visits:

Do you feel embarrassed because your office washroom is almost always occupied by you? Please don’t because frequent urination is the commonest thing to expect in the first trimester. Your growing uterus pressurizes your bladder and hence the need to pee often, arises. A lot of women tend cut down on water but this could be dangerous and might lead to UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). You could curb your caffeine intake instead.

4. Constipation:

The increased production of progesterone by your body tends to make your digestive muscles sluggish and your iron supplements also play a major role in constipating your system. You might feel bloated due to this and your appetite may also dip. Try eating fibrous food, green leafy vegetables and indulging in some sort of physical activity to get rid of constipation.

5. Sore Breasts:

You might experience an unusual tenderness taking over your breasts in the first trimester. This is normal and happens because your body is releasing hormones to prepare your breasts for production of milk. If it bothers you too much, you could choose to go braless at home and wear loose cotton clothes to keep the discomfort bearable.

Apart from these common symptoms, the first trimester tends to make you a bundle of unpredictability who goes from smiling to feeling grumpy in seconds because of your changing hormones and that is just another hurdle that you will overcome very soon.