Flattering Looks In The Third Trimester: Learn New Ways!

While looking at yourself in the mirror at around 30 weeks, you might wonder if you are pregnant everywhere, because right from your nose to your cheekbones, everything might look swollen, puffy and weird. It is not too flattering to notice how your nose has practically disappeared under that protrusion you call nostrils now. So what do you do? How do you feel pretty, let alone looking so? Here are a few ways in which your third trimester could be as flattering for you as your second trimester had been:

1. Resort To Make-Up

Even if you have been a plain Jane all your life, you would not want to say no the miracles of make-up that could literally transform how you look in the third trimester. With swollen nostrils, puffy face and tired eyes, you can never rest well and wait for 2 more months for the delivery to be over. Go out and get some make-up essentials. Contouring and highlighting in the proper way can make a big difference to softened angles and help them look sharper. You will finally see your nose and a tiny bit of your cheekbones. Wearing a bright, matte shade of lipstick would also add to the prettiness and take away that dull and tired look from your face.

2. Wear Black With Glitter

If you have recently resorted to grays and blacks because you would look huge otherwise and you are bored with your wardrobe, try some bling with your regular colours. If your monochromes1 are making you look monotonous, break the colour monotony by wearing a golden glittery belt right under your breastbone from where the bump starts. You could also carry a blingy scarf and wear it in different styles to revamp your look.

3. Prenatal Scrubs And Facials

They are not only relaxing but also great for your skin. A good scrub and a facial from a professional salon that specialises in prenatal beauty regimes, can give your skin that much-needed glow. Your rough and uneven skin that has suffered at the hands of acne breakouts and allergies will look smoother and feel softer to touch after a facial and massage. Remember to inform the masseur if you have any allergy or if your skin is sensitive so that she can use hypoallergenic products for you.

4. Bigger, Bolder Jewellery

If you have ever felt that your belly is everywhere and there is no balance in your body, it’s time to opt for bigger, bolder and chunkier pieces of jewellery. Try a statement necklace that looks chunky and covers a good part of your neck. This will help to balance the look of your body.

5. Wear Long Dresses

Instead of restricting yourself to boring panelled denims and trousers, slip into something that is airy and light while making you look like a thousand bucks! Long maxi dresses are very forgiving as far as your ankles and feet are concerned. They are comfortable to wear, feel pretty and hide the problems areas while accentuating your baby bump.


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