Getting Ready For The Newest Addition To Your Family

Pregnancy is just half the battle won. The rest of the journey is a roller coaster ride that you can start preparing yourself for, the day you find out you have conceived. From sleepless nights to changing dirty diapers, from handling a squishy newborn to installing hi-tech baby gear, there is a little of everything in this journey of parenthood and irrespective of whether you are a mother or a father, you can never be prepared enough if you haven’t had this list checked out in time:

1. The Financials

There is no substitute for money and be prepared to open your purse strings wide enough for all the anticipated costs. From vaccinations to diapering needs, from doctor visits to newborn clothes, from cribs to bouncers, from setting up the nursery to getting an infant car seat, there will always be something to spend on. If the pregnancy is planned, try setting up a budget at least six months before conceiving so that sudden costs don’t come as a shock. Plan your financial requirements well in advance. If both you and your partner are working, keep an option open to let one of the partners stay at home for the initial days, with or without pay, so that the baby can be taken care of by the safest pair of hands. This can only be done if your finances are planned well. Moreover, you will also need to plan the educational costs because as distant as they seem, children do tend to grow up sooner than you can imagine. Setting aside a college fund to start with will prove to be extremely beneficial as and when the child grows.

2. Medical Insurance

This is one of the most important factors to consider before planning a pregnancy. Having an insurance can relieve of you of the hassles of dealing with hospital expenses at birth and future health care visits for the baby. If you have a health insurance, speak to your insurance provider about maternity benefits so that you know which expenses are covered. You will also need to check whether the insurance covers paediatric visits so that future costs can also be managed well.

3. Setting Up The Nursery

A cot that grows with your baby, wall decals that will look appealing even when your child is a preschooler, a rocker/bouncer, a changing table, toys, mats, storage boxes and more; setting up your baby’s nursery can be done while you are in your second trimester, when good sense still prevails to some extent.

4. Prenatal Classes

Your prenatal birth classes will not only prepare you for labour and birth, but also equip you with enough information to handle newborn basics efficiently. From learning to change poopy diapers in a jiffy, to knowing the most comfortable positions to breastfeed your newborn, from handling a colicky baby to dealing with the first fever, prenatal classes will help you feel a tad more confident to face all of these.

5. Preparing Yourself

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, eating well, enhancing endurance by working out, resting well and spending quality time with your partner will help prepare you and your spouse to welcome the newest addition to your family with ease. Maternal health1 is all important to have a safe and easy pregnancy. It is all about making an informed choice.